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  1. Could youpost some pic's of the engines and link to where you bought them from?
  2. I was thinking of using the Navy colors, sea blue, intermediate blue and white trying to blend them is somehow. Do you think that might work?
  3. I would like to know if anyone has ever duplicated Haze Paint as used on Recon P-38's? According to this article http://www.34thprs.photorecon.org/html/aircraft/haze.html. it was applied over a black base coat and the more coats of "haze"paint applied the lighter the paint got. If anyone has tried this what color paint did you use and how did you do it?? Ron
  4. Both actually but I found a video on YouTube of a J79 that was taken apart for overhaul and it explained the "green" tube aft of the afterburner ring and showed how the tail feathers work.
  5. My main concern is the Phantoms were notorious for being "smokers". The pilots complained that you could find an F-4 from the smoke trail they left. So how much soot would be seen in the tail pipe and exhaust feathers and what technique to use to achieve this.
  6. I spent 10 years working on RF-4C's but on the front end not the back so how do you get a realistic looking exhaust?? Thanks Ron
  7. I need info on this AN/ASQ 173 laser spot tracker system so I can add some detail to a 1/48 version of it. I have searched the net and only found 1 picture of it mounted on an F-18. If anyone can share some info or pictures I would be appreciate the help. Ron
  8. So when does the reconnaissance stuff get used?? Air Force recce's never carried ordinance but we did have a pilot drop a centerline tank on a VC on a bike once.
  9. Well the question is what would an RF-18 carry for external stores? I can see sidewinders and maybe sparrows for self defense but would they have any external wing tanks or other ordinance or empty pylons? Ron
  10. "Splash the Zero's repeat Splash the Zero's". Great movie and great build!!
  11. Thanks Stinger!! The color chart is off then, the 2 greens look the same on the chart. Ron
  12. I have a question on their paints. They have been recommended by several people here and I have no doubt they are easy to airbrush with but having looked at the color chart for SEA paint colors they don''t look right to me. Colors 101,102,103 and 104 are the colors they show. Are they accurate and the color chart is off??? Ron
  13. that could be but I personally have never, ever seen a Marine pilot without one. Just sayin!
  14. Personally I think the plane looks fantastic and given the "desert" theme would perhaps be even dirtier than this BUT the most glaring problem I see is that Marines ALWAYS wore a camo cover over the helmet. It''s probably a Marine thing but it's something they all did regardless.
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