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  1. Sgt Shultz II

    1/32 Revell RF-4C 14th TRS

    If you are going for accuracy then you will need to scratch build the rear cockpit as that one is not anywhere near correct for an RF-4C and nobody makes one either. I know for a fact!
  2. Sgt Shultz II

    Paint suggestions please!!

    Where can I find Mr Paints??
  3. Sgt Shultz II

    Paint suggestions please!!

    Is MRP the brand name??
  4. I have a new gravity feed dual action airbrush, compressor with pressure tank and a bunch of SEA RF-4's to paint. I have never sprayed acrylics before, only enamels, so I need some advice on which paints are good for a "beginner, as far as acrylics go". Which brands are "user friendly" and what thinners to use and what airbrush cleaner is best? Color recommendations are also welcome. It's been 20 years since I airbrushed a model so thanks in advance for help. Ron
  5. Well it was just a thought, just keep going with this fabulous build! It's way beyond my skill set but I do pick up a trick or two!
  6. Sgt Shultz II

    Is my memory still working?

    Thanks guys! I can handle 1/48 scale since I can't afford a 1/32 scale Fisher kit. FYI 209 was the last plane he flew and crashed on land where he and the chopper crew were killed (watched it again last night on youtube)..
  7. If it's not too late for the gear well, on the inboard panel where it is dished out to fit the tire when the gear is up. Might I suggest you laminate some plastic to the outer side and dremel the dished part on the inside similar to what you did for the tail wheel doors. Just a thought! Amazing work by the way! Spent all morning reading from the beginning to date!
  8. Sgt Shultz II

    Is my memory still working?

    My research has come up with a 1/48 Hasegawa F9F with the Blue Tail Fly decals in the kit but I have never seen one. I can't recall who made, or for that matter, if there was a set for Brubakers plane. Somebody will have to correct me on that.
  9. Sgt Shultz II

    Is my memory still working?

    I seem to recall at one time there were decals for an F9F Panther (the jet) from the Bridges Of Toko Ri, Brubakers (William Holden) plane. Were there any other Panther decals made from Hollywood films? I can think of another good one The Men of The Fighting Lady and that one had a recon version PP tail code. Or am I just wishful thinking?? What about decals for the Blue Tail Fly?? Ron
  10. Sgt Shultz II

    Suggestions for ventilation

    Okay how about venting the fumes into a 5 gallon bucket with some water in the bottom. You would need a bleed hole in the top to relieve any pressure but the fumes would be contained in the bucket. Or perhaps get a K&N car air filter that has a round base and run your vent line into it so it filters the air. Something like this https://www.ebay.com/itm/K-N-3-to-4-Tapered-Round-Universal-Air-Intake-Cone-Filter-Chrome-Car-Truck-SUV/142863321988?epid=1523989769&hash=item2143514b84:g:yIcAAOSwyEdbydQM:rk:13:pf:0&vxp=mtr Then measure with a micrometer, mark it with chalk and cut it with an axe!
  11. Sgt Shultz II

    Suggestions for ventilation

    I would drill a hole for a dryer vent in the wall. Paint the outside to match the house. Where it sticks out inside you can make a cap to cover it when not in use and stuff it with foam for insulation. But that's just me!
  12. Sgt Shultz II

    South East Asia revetments question

    From what I was told when I got to Udorn (Oct 69) the attack caused a lot of things to change. The weapons had been stored in Conex Containers and the guys with the keys were not around and then when they issued the weapons to everyone they were so scared they shot at everything that moved. The sappers killed a few Thai Air Force guards before they were all killed, forget how many there were (sappers) but somewhere around 10 - 12. I also found out Udorn is on the Agent Orange list too!
  13. Sgt Shultz II

    Cheap Airbrushes?

    Does that airbrush use the same hose as a Badger Airbrush?
  14. Sgt Shultz II

    South East Asia revetments question

    Thanks for the measurements!! At Udorn we had single plane revetments that were a galvanized zinc color. There were weeds growing out the tops so they were obviously earth filled. I was told the base had been attacked during the TET offensive and sappers threw satchel charges under a couple of F-4's blowing the landing gear out from under one and catching another on fire and the resulting explosion threw debris into the surrounding revetments. So they obviously did their jobs or more planes would have been destroyed.
  15. Sgt Shultz II

    Interesting take on hobbies

    I agree and disagree with some of his statements. Some of it, to me at least, seems to be the Asian mindset of looking good to others. My wife is Korean and when she's around others the honey just drips off her. When she's home with me she constantly looks for an excuse to rip me a new a hole and when she's on the phone to her sister you can hear her 2 blocks away (they both try to talk at the same time, you see, so they get louder and louder) oh and another thing she never admits when she's wrong. I live in San Jose, Ca. and virtually all the hobby shops are gone. Kids these days play computer games, they don't build models like we did as kids. They don't see it like putting a 3D puzzle together and researching the subject matter because they could care less. They are more interested in what button to push to make a missile fire at a fictitious Mig 34 or something. And then the cell phones, don't get me started on that one! Personally I build models for fun, something to do and research to make them better. My skills are nowhere near what they used to be but I keep trying to improve them. I'm not a rivet counter and an F-4 Phantom is an F-4 Phantom, to me anyway, and not an F-4-32BU something or other. The digital age has killed a lot of hobbies. Instead of taking clay and making a pot for flowers you can just 3D print one.