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  1. Yes Iain, been waiting, impatiently for a long time now ! We all need these corrections especially the canopy. Here's hoping..........
  2. MDC produce early and late bomb racks for their Typhoon which might suffice ?
  3. Love the F-11Tiger, always have, definitely would buy a couple, the epitome OF 50`s swiftness. Why not do a vacform fuselage and wings with everything else in resin ? I`d be happy with that. Talking about "swiftness" how about a Supermarine Swift ?
  4. Just get the basics right....keep it simple.... we`ll do the rest....then they would sell a whole lot more !
  5. Have sent pm with my details. Thanks Stuey57
  6. 81 Squadron had extended tips fitted when they arrived in Burma from Italy. They were very soon replaced due to the tips causing rippling of the fuselage skin behind the cockpits whilst dogfighting with Ki43`s . The desert camouflage was also repainted to dark earth/ dark green. Strangely there are no decal sheets depicting 81 Squadrons markings, as far as I know in 1/32. Hope this helps. Stuey
  7. Hawker Tempest is a no brainer surely ? Stuey
  8. I have built two of Jerry`s B`s a while back and if you really `enjoy` this hobby, by that I mean, if you really love creating an accurate facsimile, then this is the only option. It`s all about modelling, not assembling, because it appears to be the EASY option. For the record, Jerry`s B model Stangs were NOT expensive and WERE relatively easy to build, if one used BASIC modelling skills. Compared to some of the dire conconctions from China which cost a lot more AND double that for AM corrections then they were definitey a bargain. If Jerry intends to have Grey Matter Figures produce
  9. Hi Derek, These cannons look very nice indeed will go nicely with the replacement tail recently acquired, which I believe was another of Vasko`s gems. I may be out of order here and probably missed the news but what ever happened to the F4U replacement cowl ? Did it die a death ? It`s been a very long time since we first spoke about it. With kind regards Stuey57
  10. Hi Guys, Can anyone confirm what type of seat was fitted to the -5N Corsair ? I read somewhere that it was a bucket type with foldable arm rests but cannot find any illustrations as yet. I do know that that AU-1 had an armoured seat with arm rests but was it the same as the -5 ? Kind regards Stuey57
  11. Hi All, Yes it was wonderful to meet you all and put some faces to names. What a warm and friendly, enthusiastic bunch of guys you are . If I`m still around I`ll definitely be there next year. Roy I promise to bring my guitar and I`ll try and persuade Jerry to bring his base ! Best wishes to all Stuey
  12. Thanks all for the replies, From what I can gather - of course the dorsal turret is in a different position but would be quite an easy mod even with my limited skills. `smashing` a newer flatter glazed turret is quite do-able. The overall shape according to my info regarding early and late models shows that the fuselage is generally the same. The rest is pure `sheet` plastic/filler work, removing and replacing windows positions etc. Ventral turrets were normally removed and faired over early in the war anyway. I have some photos of D-2`s that show `j` type waist windows, rear gunners
  13. Hi Guys, I`m kinda throwing this out there because I don`t yet know enough about B25`s but ...... does anyone know if the top turret on a J is the same or similar to the earlier models ? If so then I would think it would be quite possible to backdate to a B/C. The tail gunner position and side `barbettes` would be quite an easy mod with plastic card and filler. From what I can gather wheels, struts, engines and props look the same. Cowlings look to be an easyish mod. To a mear layman it looks quite `do-able` but I may be very WRONG ..... Been dreaming about building a Hell`s belle
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