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  1. Now that is a nice idea - great woodwork and rendition.
  2. Lovely, lovely work - big big congratulations! & &
  3. Ditto - great restoration - those early 109's look way cool!
  4. Nice work and neat tribute. Corsairs just look fab in RN / FAA colours.
  5. Nice work - great job on such a tough old beast of a model! &
  6. Great build - I really like the weathering - I'm probably going against the trend - but I prefer the indoor pix - as the reduced contrast brings your intricate weathering better to the fore. It really is hidden by the high contrast outdoor pix.
  7. Hi Kagemusha The profile is by Brent Best - he has a whole series on the SAAF Forum http://www.saairforce.co.za/forum/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=5638 Cheers S
  8. I'm really keen on a MkIIc trop..... here's hoping!
  9. WOW - that looks superb - great finish -congrats.
  10. Nice work, Jean - really like the look of it.
  11. Nice work - always like seeing a big HOG.
  12. Sad news - RIP Dan. Condolences - loss for words.
  13. Stupendous - envious of that rigging! Lovely job, great model and pix.
  14. Ditto - lovely work and great tribute!
  15. Ditto - super build, paintwork and weathering - bravo!
  16. Fantastic result, Karim! Congrats on a great job.
  17. Nice work - Need to build another Tammy Zero as well - such a fun kit.
  18. Ditto - nice work, Collin. Always liked the look of these V-1 chasers, ever since building a Frog combo model way way back when....
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