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  1. Thx everyone, much appreciated. The build was long. The fit of the kit isn't bad at all. But the lack of details in the cockpit and bad instructions gave me some serious headaches. So I would recommend to study the instructions versus the subject you want to make. Because there are some real discrepancies in the instructions. Like holes you need to fill, placement of antennas, wrong parts numbering, etc... At last, somebody agrees You know, mental picture versus reality. Hit a few speed bumps down the road and just wanted it finished. I chose the angle of the photo's real carefully I used the kit undercarriage. Just did some tweaking on them and it just worked fine for me.
  2. This is my latest build. I used Eduards Big Ed sit for this build. This was a mixed bag as usual with Kitty Hawk. In the end it came together but I'm not really happy with it. It could have been better but I didn't have the energy to put more effort into it. Just happy it didn't end on the shelve of dome. Eric
  3. Build this kit when it came out. Had no real issues with it and I was quit content with the result. The boxart comes from the comic book series "Angel wings" and I really like the stile. Have fun with it. Eric
  4. That's weird. I used Google Photo's and as far as I know nothing has changed since I uploaded them. Apparently I have to use another image hosting site. Update. I switched to Imgur and relinked the images in the first post. Now it should work, I hope... Eric
  5. Hello I have been following this forum for a couple of years now and decided is was time I contributed some of my work to this community. Maybe in the future I will post my work in the "work in progress" section. But I'm a bit lazy when in it comes to taking in progress pics and posting them. So as a first some pics of my Kitty Hawk F-86D. I build this kit a couple of years ago and build it straight from the box. I made some stencils to spray the red/white markings and the big block of text. And this is also to test the use of Google photos to post the pics. So here it goes. So hopefully this works. Regards, Eric
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