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  1. Nope Mark, the base was made by my friend I suck at making bases so he offered and I accepted.
  2. Dear LSP team. I am happy to present the latest finished model. Its the 1/32 Hawk Mk.1 of the Finnish Air Force. Kit: Revell Scale:1/32 Aftermarket: CMK Instrument panels, Quickboost Seats, Avalon Decals Paints: Ammo, Vallejo, Future Weathering: Flory Models Washes, Ammo Oilbrushers Base made by my friend. The kit has its issues however does fall together fairly well. Its Revell and its simplified in some areas but I believe the kit does capture the shapes of the real aircraft well. For those who wish to go to town on superdetailing this kit provides a good base. I us
  3. Great looking SUFA it would suit to dirty her up a bit though I need to get around to building mine soon. But as usual there are too many projects and so little time. Keep up the good work.
  4. Dear LSP team, sharing photos of a completed 1/32 Sukhoi Su-25UBK Frogfoot from Trumpeter. The model is completed in a “what if” (fictional) scheme inspired by another Czech Air Force Su-25K Frogfoot number 9013 that sported the famous scheme during the 1990’s. The kit is built straight from the box with the following aftermarket items: Eduard Interior set, Quickboost Auxiliary Air Scoops. Paints used: Vallejo Model Air, Vallejo Model, Ammo of Mig, Mission Models. Weathering and washes: Ammo of MiG Washes, AK Interactive Washes, Oil Brusher by Ammo of MiG. Decals: National Insignia - Propagte
  5. Kit: Sukhoi Su-27 Flanker B Manufacturer: Trumpeter (updated molds with corrected intakes and nose) Aftermarket: Part metal pitot tube and static dischargers, Quickboost seat. Paints: Ammo of MiG, Vallejo, Akan Markings: Ukraine Air Force splinter camouflage Decals: combination of custom masks and kit decals Build was pretty much straight from the box with only adding the metal pitot tube and static wicks from Part and QB seat. The fit of the model is moderate. Some areas fit well some you have to really tweak, fill, sand and rescribe like the nose sectio
  6. This is an amazingly well done Tomcat. Will bookmark this and the WIP thread as inspiration for my build.
  7. And the final reveal is olanned for when? Cant wait!
  8. This is beyond belief. Absolutely amazing work sir.
  9. Amazingly well done sir. You have inspired me to build mine. (I have two in the stash...)
  10. Thank you gentlemen for your kind comments. Spitfire is a beautiful airplane. I have to agree that with the Invasion stripes its an attractive scheme. Plus for me its my countrymen serving with the RAF during WWII that makes it special. I feel privileged to have personally known and met a few and they were, and some still are fine gentlemen and women. So our scale creations are to honor their sacrifices.
  11. Revell Kit Eduard Seatbelts Steel Quickboost Exhausts Oval Brassin wheels Master gun barrels Paints: Vallejo and Ammo of MiG Jimenez Marking: NNoM sgt. (Col. in Memoriam) Miroslav Moravec, 310th Fighter Squadron RAF (Czechoslovak) Rather enjoyable build of the Revell Spitfire kit. One thing to note, its NOT Tamiya and I dont think the two kits can compare besides being Spitfire Mk.IX in 1/32 scale. This is not meant negatively, I am just putting things to perspective here. This kit is targeted for a different audience and a different price
  12. Thank you all for your positive comments. I agree that the prop is sticking out a bit more than would be the norm. The weathering aspect, I agree some were more than beat up especially in SEA or training units, so maybe next time as I have another one in the stash. few more pics with the wooden base including one with closed canopy:
  13. Happy to present a T-28B/D from Kitty Hawk. I would say many pages have been written on the kit itself. It is a well fitting over-engineered kit with much cleanup required and some illogical ejector studs increasing the cleanup time. Once you are past the initial part cleanup the kit fits together exceptionally well, its just the kit is pieced up to sometimes absurd number of sub-assemblies, which seem to be typical for Kitty Hawk. The kit was built as a commission build for a friend of mine that is building a collection of 1/32 aircraft in tribute to his father. I have enjoyed the build and t
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