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  1. Mistral

    Antarki Models Mirage conversions

    Man is that great news or what !!!!
  2. Mistral

    MiG-29A in Luftwaffe Service

    It's Russian for "Whoopy cushion" !! Great job so far Sean !!
  3. Please, we need parts to convert Italeri IIIE to a Venezuelan 50EV or a Chilean Elkan !!!!
  4. Mistral

    Aus Model Expo Pics

    Nice build ! SAAF 7111 was actually a Mk.IIA. She's still flying with the SAAF Museum and is known as "Nelson" for obvious reasons. I envy you guys. At the local model meets we're lucky to get more than five 32nd scale kits on show.
  5. Mistral

    What happened to thoses Trumpeter kits!!

    They'll need to pump up the tyres first ....
  6. Mistral


    No combat history for the Bucc ??? Ask the Cubans and Angolans what the SAAF Buccs did for them.....
  7. Gerhard, have you tried Humbrol Klear ? It was brought out a few years back to compete with / replace Future. Available from Jix in P-town if you're near there. Personally. I use tamiya polishing compound followed by a good dose of Sunlight dishwashing liquid and warm water.
  8. Mistral

    Mirage information guys

    Atar 09C exhaust and MB.Mk.4 seat in resin from ScaleWorx in South Africa. I used them on my 32nd Italeri IIIE and they are good. Owner is John Weideman based in Cape Town, SA. He has a Facebook page - search on ScaleWorx.
  9. Dit is nou verskriklik mooi. !!!!! Awesome Mirage. BTW - ask your better half to translate .
  10. Mistral

    Kitty Hawk 1/32 Mirage 2000-5F !!!

    Gerhard, you're right. However, SAAF didn't operate the 2000 but we love those deltas nonetheless ! I'm really hoping for an F1 !!!!
  11. Mistral

    Italeri RAAF Mirage IIIO. FINISHED

    No, it looks like an E intake from Eric's pics. The leading edge of the intake is in line with the rear of the cockpit. Italeri may have it 1 or 2mm too far forward but no need to worry.
  12. Mistral

    Airfix 1:24 Harrier T.2 - All Done And Dusted!

    Absolutely awesome !!!. Magnificent paint finish with understated weathering. Best I can recall seeing.
  13. I did exactly that - glued the wings to the fuselage first. Worked really well. Check out the link : http://www.saairforce.co.za/forum/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=8595&start=0 Hope this helps.
  14. Mistral

    Flying Legend 2016 - Duxford

    I believe you are correct. But the station Whittlesford Parkway is as near as dammit to the airfield. That's the one I was referring to. Apologies for confusion calling it Duxford. Down here in Africa we tend to get a bit confused when traveling long distances....
  15. Mistral

    Flying Legend 2016 - Duxford

    Two years ago, I got a train direct from London to Duxford station. No need to go to Cambridge. Trip was about 1.5 hours. It's about a 2 to 3km walk from the station up to the airfield. Quite nice as you walk to the sound of aircraft. Stayed in the Holiday Inn Express which is right next to the station. Pretty expensive though. Nice pub next door with cold beers to soothe a parched throat.