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  1. Ja nee. That's the one - bring it on !!!
  2. Hey Sean, that's looking really great so far. I'm with Greg - where's the 32nd Impala - Italeri ????
  3. So further to the above, I spoke to John of ScaleWorx. I've done some review builds for John in the past. He was still a little cryptic about this noting that it's a single engine delta fighter "with a futuristic design, ahead of it's time, was in service for many decades and of European origin". I think we may have a 32nd Draken on it's way. Wouldn't that be cool.
  4. What about one of these ? IMG_0594 - 800 by Malcolm Reid, on Flickr
  5. A little birdie told me that Scaleworx Resin Models might be considering a future release of a complete 32nd scale resin kit of a classic single engined delta wing jet fighter. Apparently it's one which has not yet been covered previously in this scale. I'm guessing something European. I'll keep probing for more clues.... Check out ScaleWorx on FaceBook.
  6. 2000 grit sanding sponge, followed by various grades of Micromesh down to 12,000. Finish off with 10 minutes in front of the TV using digit finger and Tamiya polishing compound,. Rinse carefully in Luke warm water and dish soap. Hey presto. I always battled to get that final clear look until a fellow modeller told me to use my fingertip to apply the Tamiya polishing compound. Circular movements work. For a seam line, as above, but preceded with a coarser sanding stick.
  7. Yes please !!!! Glad they're going with the two seater. It'll go nicely with my 32nd Mirage III collection. Now where's that ever elusive 32nd scale F1 ????
  8. I strongly suggest you dunk the sprues in a bowl of Balvenie to clean them of mold release agent and then drink lots of Laphroaig whilst cutting off the fiddly bits to keep your hand steady
  9. I recall my first trip to Hannants when they were still next to Colindale pre-2010. Imagine the scene : having arrived fresh from South Africa where our hobby shops had limited stock to a fully packed floor to ceiling collection of models I had always read about. Talk about sweaty palms. I instructed my wife to grab a coffee next door and spent 2 wonderful hours deciding on what to buy and trying to convert everything from £ to the once mighty ZAR to match my budget. That was followed by a gentle walk up the road to the Hendon museum which is incredible. The next time I went to Hannants 2 years later and they had moved. I was incredibly disappointed in what little was to see in the shop.
  10. It's Russian for "Whoopy cushion" !! Great job so far Sean !!
  11. Please, we need parts to convert Italeri IIIE to a Venezuelan 50EV or a Chilean Elkan !!!!
  12. Nice build ! SAAF 7111 was actually a Mk.IIA. She's still flying with the SAAF Museum and is known as "Nelson" for obvious reasons. I envy you guys. At the local model meets we're lucky to get more than five 32nd scale kits on show.
  13. They'll need to pump up the tyres first ....
  14. No combat history for the Bucc ??? Ask the Cubans and Angolans what the SAAF Buccs did for them.....
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