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  1. Thanks guys, now finished. I'm glad I made the effort with her! Matt
  2. Hello everyone! I actually built this back in 2013 and it remains the oldest completed model in my collection. Following a recent organisation and tidy up, it was top of my "sell or bin" list. A chance conversion about loaning some models to a model shop for display led me to reconsider. I'm in the process of giving it some TLC which includes some minor repairs and some repainting and weathering. I think it's going to scrub up well. Does anyone else revive old models or just build new ones? Matt
  3. Sorry for dredging up an old thread. I recently bought a camera, and as this is the only recently completed model I have, I've been practicing taking photos using it as a subject! Matt
  4. OK actually. Much better than the Spitfire I recently finished and less of a fiddly fit. Matt
  5. Hello all, Along with the Kikka I've been building, I've also got this project on the go. I actually started building it 5 years ago and got as far as assembling and painting the cockpit, before a house move saw it get forgotten about. I recently dug it out and decided to finish it off. I'm not a fan of Battle of Britain brown and green camo so I looked around for alternatives. I found some decals by Model Alliance which had a Mk 1 in 880 NAS colours and decided to give it a go - plus the big "M" sealed the deal! Undersides were painted with Mr Hobby Aqueous Light Grey and mottled for a bit of variety. Topside camo is Vallejo for the Dark Slate Grey and Mr Hobby Aqueous for the Dark Sea Grey. Again, both have been shaded for interest if not necessarily realism. And finally the decals are underway. Thanks for looking Matt
  6. The Engines: As you'd probably predict, the fit between engine and wing isn't great. It's taken me the best part of 3 evenings to fit one reasonably well. I'd count filling, sanding and rescribing to be the 3 modelling tasks I'm worst at so this is giving me plenty of opportunities to improve! This is the better fitting of the two, so I know what I'll be doing for the next few evenings! Matt
  7. Friday Kikka progress! Despite my initial concerns, construction so far has been relatively easy and the fuselage fitted together well with a minimum of fuss. I did need to use some plastic strip to close up the gap at one of the wingroots though, but even so, it's no big deal. The recessed detail is shallow though, and the plastic relatively soft. This means that the inevitable sanding can obliterate the panel lines if you're not careful. But all in all, it's starting to look Kikka-like. Matt
  8. Thanks @Ben Brown, your article is one of those that I read before beginning construction! I think...I hope, I'm ready to start assembling the fuselage sides soon. Matt
  9. Hello all, After finishing the Spitfire, I've actually got two projects on the go - an Airfix Mk. 1 Hurricane and this, a Kikka from Finemolds (FineMolds?) It's not an aircraft I know much about, and I bought it more or less on a whim. It's a pretty simple kit though (and surprisingly small). The parts contain quite a lot of flash, so will need a bit of cleaning up. I've also read that it's not the best fitting kit, so I'll need to be prepared. As always, construction starts with the cockpit. I added primitive belts to the otherwise plain seat but as the canopy is moulded closed, not much'll be visible anyway. Once painted up, and I know that given its intended role it'd have been unlikely to be weathered much (but where's the fun in that?), it looks OK to me. More soon hopefully... Matt
  10. Finally finished! Thanks for following along! Matt
  11. Here's my attempt at weathering the rear of the props, hope you approve @Jennings Heilig!
  12. Hi @mpk, here are some photos of the undercarriage. Matt
  13. Thanks @Jennings Heiligand @MARU5137 for your very kind comments! It's much appreciated! I haven't started weathering the props yet but thanks for that info, I'll do my best to include it. Yesterday was spent weathering the exhausts. I started off with an overall coat of XF-24 Dark Grey and then oversprayed firstly with straight up XF-10 Flat Brown and then a 50/50 mix of XF-10 and XF-69 NATO Black. A couple of washes later and this is the result, of which I'm quite pleased. The aforementioned prop is only dry fitted at the moment hence looking a bit loose! And then some overall shots... Thanks again! Matt
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