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  1. Thank you Mr Maru! I decided to preshade some random panels using green and yellow to try and force some contrast into what can be quite a monotonous colour. This was done entirely freehand and randomly. After it had dried, I applied a mottled topcoat. Thin enough to get a hint of the preshade, but heavy enough to avoid it looking patchy and cartoon like. It's difficult to photograph given the dark colour, but I'm pleased with how it's looking. Note I haven't painted the leading edges, flaps or wingtips to make handling easier! Matt
  2. Thank you for taking the time to reply John. Hmmm, similar combination of paint to what I use (Tamiya and Mr Hobby Aqueous). The only difference is the type of salt - maybe that's it! Matt
  3. Looks brilliant! Apologies if it's already been asked, but I'm interested in your salt fading technique. Whenever I do it, I'm left with areas of discolouration after the salt is removed. How do you avoid this? Matt
  4. Evening all, Underside blue has now been shaded and highlighted using a lightened mix - completely randomly. I've also made a start on the topside, but only around the masked areas as I was concerned about the paint lifting. Needn't have worried, but sods law would've dictated differently had I left it in place! Matt
  5. I'm making really rapid progress by my usual standards. Basecoat of blue now completed. Matt
  6. Thanks so much for the kind words, it's much appreciated. I'm building the P-40 to a deadline, hopefully I can finish the 109 in the gaps because the hard work is now done. Matt
  7. Thanks very much. Not wanting to make the same mistake I did with my Bf-109, I've sprayed the yellow sections first this time! Base colour is H413 RLM04 from Gunze with Tamiya XF-3 for some highlights. Next is a gloss coat to protect the paint before I mask and spray the blue undersides. Matt
  8. Well spotted but I'm not too concerned. My goal this year is to reduce my stash by actually building models, and as the model is for me only, I'm happy to ignore this fact. I believe that Heller offered a kit of this aircraft many, many years ago and they also used an E, so I'm building a model of a model... Matt
  9. Hi all, Encouraged by the relative success of my ongoing Bf-109, and with it drawing close to being finished, I wanted to make the most of my current enthusiasm and not lose momentum. I've had a Hasegawa P-40E in the stash for ages, but the schemes provided did little to inspire me to actually build it. By chance, I came across a lone example that the Finnish air force "obtained" in 1944. A bit of Googling later, and I found out that suitable decals were available from SBS Models. The base kit and decals are as follows: These Hasegawa multi part fuselages are a bit of a faff to assemble and make good the resulting join. Work started in the cockpit, colour is speculative (essentially RLM02!) but I like to paint the cockpit lighter where possible, because the colour always darkens with weathering, and once the fuselage is assembled. Belts are homemade from HGW buckles and painted foil. I originally intended on using a replacement IP from Yahu, however thought I'd give the kit decal a go, figuring I had a Yahu shaped replacement available if it went wrong. Turned out reasonably well after copious amounts of Mr Mark Softer! A lot of filling and sanding, and filling and sanding was required to get a reasonable finish to the fuselage. It's not perfect, but then none of my models are. I used superglue as a filler and restored lost panel lines using a Tamiya scribing tool which worked well. I'm also using replacement exhausts from Quickboost. Next up is the painting! Thanks for reading. Matt
  10. Thank you very much! Progress has stalled somewhat, but I hope to finish it off soon as I can. Matt
  11. Hi all, Apparently the world is ending, so I thought I should get a move on and try and finish a model before it does! Outer gear doors finally painted. Fairly unexciting post but a momentous moment as it marks the end of the main painting stage. Matt
  12. Thank you for all the positive comments, good to see I'm on the right track, especially after such a long break from building. @Fanes - I'll be brush painting them then covering up any rubbish bits with the exhaust stain! Matt
  13. Inspirational build as ever Chuck. Regarding the Tamiya Yellow, I always assumed it was called that as it was used on Tamiya's FW14 Williams which had yellow sections sporting the "Camel" logo. Matt
  14. Home straight with this one now. Just need to paint the undercarriage doors, do a few small touch ups, spray an exhaust stain and do some final weathering. And just to show how good that riveting looks after a wash... Matt
  15. I've pinned the tailwheel strut, should be a reasonable fix, fingers crossed. Started applying decals and a wash, and things are looking more Marseille-like already. I'm not over enamoured with the decals. While they conform to the recessed detail well enough with some Mr Mark Softer, some of the smaller markings look decidedly heavy to my eye. Also noticed that one section of the windscreen should be painted RLM79 - I'd missed this although it isn't really clear in the instructions. I've unmasked it ready to be repainted. Home straight now... Matt
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