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  1. Hi all, I've been working very slowly on this Airfix Spitfire for the last few weeks and months. I was prepared for some of the fit issues before starting but even so, haven't found it a particularly enjoyable build, hence the time it's taking to finish. The cockpit is nice, but over engineered and some of the smaller parts have a vague fit. I added belts - not entirely correct, but better than nothing. Once painted and weathered, the cockpit does look pretty good though to be fair. As expected, the joints at the wing roots weren't great and the upper part of the cowling didn't fit well either. I battled through, and I'm now at the painting stage. Undersides were painted with Vallejo blue and upper camo with Mr Hobby Aqueous paints. I'm working towards applying the decals now... Thanks for looking Matt
  2. Sorry, I didn't spot this question until now, please accept my apologies! This build is still in exactly the same stage as it was in 2015, I'm sorry to say its not moved on at all in the intervening 5 years. As a first foray into larger scale building, I was very pleased with the cockpit 5 years ago, but when I look at it now I'm really disappointed with the painting and weathering but equally don't know if I could improve it to the standard that the larger scale requires. Some people say "well if you can do it in 48th scale, you could do it in 32nd scale". I'm not sure I agree because the larger size as also means everything is more visible! I guess this is a long way of saying that the model still exists, but I just lack the confidence to pick the build back up any time soon. Matt
  3. Lovely work again! Out of interest, which riveting tool did you order because I have the same issue with mine and can't find a replacement at the moment. Matt
  4. Just randomly Chuck, didn't note ratios or anything sorry. Matt
  5. I did this on my recent P-40 build. I added Gunze Aqueous Clear to the Aqueous colours and it worked fine. Didn't make them super glossy, but good enough for decals. Matt
  6. Some additional, and slightly crisper, photos taken yesterday. Matt
  7. Didn't think so, just my eyes then! Browsing on my phone probably doesn't help either!
  8. Great ebay find! Are those wing bulges deformed or is it just my eyes? Matt
  9. Finally finished, thanks for the interest during the build. Weathering intentionally kept light as this aircraft did not see any combat. Pitot Tube missing as I broke it! Matt
  10. Thank you! I'm nearly done now, just a few things left to do. Matt
  11. Not far from completion now. Finally got around to painting the exhausts. I basecoated them in dark grey then applied various brown and rust coloured washes from both enamel and acrylic paints. Matt
  12. Hi all, Tonight I've painted and weathered the hubs and gear legs. I'll need to mask off the hubs tomorrow and then paint the tyres. These resin replacements from SBS are really nice. I've opted for a white spinner. All the colour profiles either have black with a spiral or aluminium. Looking at the photos available, I think it looks white. If it's wrong, it's wrong and I can live with it. Finally I did a bit of post shading. Very subtle, and not really visible in the photos, but worth it in my opinion. Not sure what's going on with the pink tinge in the photos! Thanks for looking Matt
  13. Decal time... These have fought me every step of the way. Getting them to conform to the recessed detail has involved numerous applications of Mr Mark Softer, which usually beats any decals into submission, and also required them to be cut along the panel lines. The correct circular decal on the fuselage disintegrated as soon as it was applied, and as no spare is supplied, I had to substitute it with a slightly larger version from the sheet. All in all, quite disappointing. I've also added an initial wash to the lower wings. Matt
  14. Thank you Mr Maru! I decided to preshade some random panels using green and yellow to try and force some contrast into what can be quite a monotonous colour. This was done entirely freehand and randomly. After it had dried, I applied a mottled topcoat. Thin enough to get a hint of the preshade, but heavy enough to avoid it looking patchy and cartoon like. It's difficult to photograph given the dark colour, but I'm pleased with how it's looking. Note I haven't painted the leading edges, flaps or wingtips to make handling easier! Matt
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