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  1. Finally finished! Thanks for following along! Matt
  2. Here's my attempt at weathering the rear of the props, hope you approve @Jennings Heilig!
  3. Thank you all for the kind comments!
  4. Hi @mpk, here are some photos of the undercarriage. Matt
  5. Thanks @Jennings Heiligand @MARU5137 for your very kind comments! It's much appreciated! I haven't started weathering the props yet but thanks for that info, I'll do my best to include it. Yesterday was spent weathering the exhausts. I started off with an overall coat of XF-24 Dark Grey and then oversprayed firstly with straight up XF-10 Flat Brown and then a 50/50 mix of XF-10 and XF-69 NATO Black. A couple of washes later and this is the result, of which I'm quite pleased. The aforementioned prop is only dry fitted at the moment hence l
  6. Thanks @mustang1989! Not far to go now - the prop needs weathering and the exhausts need painting before a flat coat and some final weathering. I'll be glad to get this done! Matt
  7. Thanks Jennings! With round one of the panel lines washes done, I also made a start on the exhaust stain... I'm also pleased to report that my method of attaching the undercarriage seems to have worked! Please note that the spinner is still unpainted and the visible grey patch under the access door is intentional to allow me to attach it once I've painted it! Matt
  8. I've actually had the motivation to do some meaningful modelling tonight, so I thought I'd capitalise on this rare burst of mojo by starting to highlight the panel lines and riveting by applying a wash using Neutral Brown from Ammo. Hopefully I can push on with this now and finally get it finished! Matt
  9. An empty house this weekend should have resulted in more progress, but good weather yesterday meant DIY and gardening had to take priority. I managed to spend a bit of time at the bench last night and the majority of the decals are now applied. Can I just say again how good these DK Decals are...super thin and conform beautifully. My only criticism is the cost and the limited number of roundels and tail flashes provided meaning to get proper value from the set, you'd need to buy these separately (or use kit provided ones of course!). The other markings a
  10. Thanks for the comments and interest, it's very much appreciated. Finally, after an age, I fired up the airbrush yesterday and finished the upper camo off and applied a couple of coats of gloss. Markings are taken from a set by DK Decals and are really nice - which is a relief given they cost more than the kit itself. They conform to surface detail really well. They also don't crumble around raised details, unlike the markings I used on my P-40. So, although not finished, here's a glimpse of how things are progressing. Thanks for looking. M
  11. Nice to hear I'm not the only one who celebrates by gluing a few random bits together before going on hiatus again!
  12. Thanks for the information - I should have listened to Airfix then!
  13. Thanks all for the positive comments. Progress has been slow recently - a return to the office after working from home, and various other things have conspired to keep me away from the bench. I would be interested to know what the correct colour is. I don't have the kit instructions in front of me at the moment but I'm sure Airfix suggest silver. I initially followed this, but really wasn't happy with how they looked. As I'd assembled all of the pieces, and didn't want to mess up the rest of the paintwork by masking and spraying, I chose black simply because I had a suit
  14. Hi all, I've been working very slowly on this Airfix Spitfire for the last few weeks and months. I was prepared for some of the fit issues before starting but even so, haven't found it a particularly enjoyable build, hence the time it's taking to finish. The cockpit is nice, but over engineered and some of the smaller parts have a vague fit. I added belts - not entirely correct, but better than nothing. Once painted and weathered, the cockpit does look pretty good though to be fair. As e
  15. Sorry, I didn't spot this question until now, please accept my apologies! This build is still in exactly the same stage as it was in 2015, I'm sorry to say its not moved on at all in the intervening 5 years. As a first foray into larger scale building, I was very pleased with the cockpit 5 years ago, but when I look at it now I'm really disappointed with the painting and weathering but equally don't know if I could improve it to the standard that the larger scale requires. Some people say "well if you can do it in 48th scale, you could do it in 32nd scale". I'm not su
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