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  1. I've revisited my RLM 02 pieces tonight, and oversprayed them with the straight Xtracrylic colour. Probably was the best option from the start in hindsight. I've also taken some time to prepare the wheels. Both have a slight seam line running around the circumference which some careful sanding has removed. That's about all I can manage tonight due to tiredness! Matt
  2. Several years ago I bought some LifeColor paints and could not get on with them at all. More recently I was bought one of their paint sets and now I'm a convert. You're right too, they do brush really well. If I didn't have so much paint from other manufacturers,, I'd probably use them more! Matt
  3. Yes! Ironically the reason I chose to mix the two colours was because I felt the Xtracrylic RLM 02 was much too light. In hindsight, I should probably have left it. I've ordered the Ammo version for future builds, so it'll be interesting to compare the two.
  4. While Dennis does his best to blow my house down, I've made a small amount of progress tonight. First up, I got a wash on the spinner, to highlight the recessed detail. I also painted the undercarriage legs and gave them an initial weathering. I used a 50/50 mix of Xtracrylic RLM 02 and Tamiya XF-22 for the colour. In hindsight, after a wash, the colour is a bit dark to my eye. I also managed to get some undercoat on the seams to check them - so far so good so hopefully I can start painting the airframe soon. Matt
  5. Thanks for the comment! Slow night tonight, managed to get the spinner painted, although I'm not totally happy with the finish. I used LifeColor Incinerated White and, well, it's okay. I also painted the rudder using a mix of Mr Hobby H33 Russet and Tamiya XF-7 Flat Red. I then added white to the mix and subtly mottled it. After doing this, I found it was slightly too pink, so I added a drop of H33 to the gloss varnish which evened out the colour again. Thanks for looking Matt
  6. Thanks both for your comments and interest. @Landrotten Highlander, pretty simple. The prop was basecoated using Hobby Colour RLM70 and once dry, the mix was lightened with some light grey and sprayed through a piece of scouring pad. Matt
  7. Hi all, I've been away from this part of the hobby for a couple of years now. While I have been doing some other types of modelling, I've not picked up an aircraft model for over two years. Last weekend I got the urge to do something different. I'd started building this kit a couple of years back, but it got shelved and had been gathering dust ever since. I'd got as far as assembling the cockpit and basecoating it, so going in and giving it a few highlights, weathering and some detail painting seemed as good a place as any to get started. Buoyed by this relative success, I pushed ahead and got the airframe assembled. I have to admit that I'm not a fan of kits where there are no alignment pips. It just makes things unnecessarily difficult in my opinion. After a lot of faffing, I got everything together. Tonight I've managed to get the propellor painted and weathered. And a cruel close-up... Thanks for looking Matt
  8. Finishing straight. Just a flat coat, then the canopy and pitot tube to add.
  9. Thank you both for your kind comments!
  10. Stunning... again. I really like your photos, could you tell me how you achieve them? What set up/lighting do you use? Matt
  11. You can reduce the beading of Mr Mark Softer by shaking the bottle before you apply it. I never used to shake it, and always had issues but since making a point of shaking it before using it, I've had far less problems. Matt
  12. Thanks for the positive comments - much appreciated! I've finally managed to get her on her own feet this morning. I'm still not sure the undercarriage legs will stand the test of time though. I'll be glad to get this one off the bench!
  13. Hi all, Been away from the bench for a long time as a result of moving house and it's associated tasks and generally losing motivation with modelling. Recently got some mojo back and decided to pick this out of the stash. I also had some aftermarket parts to use with it. The Barracuda cockpit is a big improvement over the kit parts, although the aperture is pretty small. Once painted up, it does look the part. I had numerous issues with the fit of parts. The fuselage sides fitted particularly poorly and getting a half decent fit involved a lot of muttering, swearing and clamps. Fast forward a few steps and I'm finishing off the painting process. I've used Mr Hobby acrylics for the main colours, mottled and shaded for a bit of interest. I've also used the kit supplied decals which settled into the recessed details beautifully with a bit of Mr Mark Softer. Finally, I'm working on getting her on her own feet at the moment. I've used replacement wheels, again from Barracuda. They look great with a wash to highlight the detail. Thanks for looking. Matt
  14. That's it - I give up! Seriously amazing model - one of the best I've ever seen!
  15. I'm loving both the progress with this and also the completed FW190. In fact, I started building a Revell 1:32 109 about 2 years ago (maybe longer) and it's languished untouched since then. This is inspiring me to do something with it! Matt
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