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  1. See also my build thread here: https://www.flugzeugforum.de/threads/wb2021bb-mirage-iiie-50-ans-ec-3-3-ardennes-revell-1-32.96796/ In German, but the photos illustrate the points I made above.
  2. I‘m currently building the Revell (Italeri without the PE parts, and with different decals) Mirage IIIE, and this is what I‘ve found so far: Positive: - very good level of detail - captures the look of a Mirage very well - great decals - often available cheaply; got mine off Amazon for €40,-, retail is €80,- and Italeri‘s is around €100,- Negative: - poor fit of almost all parts. Lots and lots of sanding required - very tricky wing fit, see above. Lots of care required to ensure that they have the correct, slight anhedral
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