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  1. Here is a view of a A-10C from below the left wing showing some details that may be of help:




    as for the luggage carriers, some pilots liked to have the door on the pod facing outboard to make it easier to load/unload their baggage even though the pod did have markings for which way was forward. Also for some pods one of the fairings could be removed and it was preferred to have that facing to the rear so in case it came off in flight it would go straight back.



  2. No definite answer but during WWII it probably took a long time for bombs to get to their destination from the factory, in the case from the US to overseas they would go by boat over the salty sea and in the case of corrosion you wouldn't want a "soft" spot on the bomb and have the majority of the blast at that weak spot when it went off. On a personal point, of the many inert bombs i loaded during my time about 98.9% percent were painted blue, the rest were still painted in red/brown primer, either they ran out of blue paint or they ran out of time to paint them before sending them off to the squadron. 



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