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  1. i need one of these!!! - I did not see the in progress pics!
  2. Are these going to be re-released. I still never got one in the first round due to being overseas. Thanks
  3. Ok, spill it !!!! Who is doing the conversion and when can we prder/pre-order it! Thanks
  4. What paint did you use for the Salmon color? Thanks
  5. All the posts prior to 31 October 2014 - 04:04 AM no longer have the pictures/images. Is there a way to see them? thanks
  6. Does the Micro Crystal Clear dry quickly for you? I have had some long drying times (several days on occassion).Great work on the He-219 so far.
  7. I just caught up with the "War And Piece" edition! Bravo Sir Bravo!!!! A well done WIP and excellent model !
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