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  1. That's so cool. I really like the unconventional type models, very well done!!
  2. Any time LSP is down, I start getting the idea that I'm a great model builder. Then, LSP's comes back online and I get put back in my place. LSP, in my humble opinion, is home to the best modelers in the World!!
  3. As a former aviation ordnance Marine (AV-8A's, C's, AV-8B and A-4M's) there is no hard and fast "rules" concerning ordnance. If the aircraft is rated/certified to carry certain types of ordnance, i.e. gun pods, you can bet they carried them in all types of configurations (I've seen an F-4C or D, can't remember, carry 5 gun pods!) Not an everyday event to be sure, the squadron C.O. probably thought it looked cool, so the ordnance guys loaded them up.
  4. Beautiful F-4!!! Nothing beats dirty Navy or Marine Corps birds. Well done!!
  5. Amazing build! Also, is the pilot's backrest, the fuel tank!?!
  6. Dang, that is one beautiful bird! I really like the wheel well detailing! Outstanding job!
  7. My great uncle flew C-124's to Vietnam and back, from the very early 1960's until he retired in 1973. He died in 1996 of an extremely rare esophageal cancer, that was linked to Agent Orange.
  8. Wow! That took less than an hour to go South. Can't say I'm surprised.
  9. Agreed CATcplSlade, going down in a bird alone is one thing. But going down with one of your children on board, is unimaginable.
  10. Kobe Bryant, Laker legend, passed away today in a private helicopter crash. As a life long Laker fan, this is almost unbelievable.
  11. Great looking bird! And it only cost, 10 million times less than the real thing.
  12. I miss "idiot guides" or was it "idiot marks"? Its been so long I can't remember.
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