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  1. Aw, what the hell, it's only money. Got mine pre-ordered.
  2. Still wish they would have included Robert Johnson's "Lucky" as a decal option.
  3. Additional Mustang decals coming out? Would there be any of Don Blakeslee's mounts involved? Maybe?
  4. C.O. of the 4th Fighter Group, Don Blakeslee's Mustangs need to be done. WD-C. That's it. Not colorful but historically significant enough that they should be done.
  5. I'm going to break my long and proud history of lurking, and, being a P-47 fan, not look down my nose at the Mustang, at least for this post. I'd really like to see a set for all of Don Blakeslee's Mustangs. He was a great leader of a great fighter group, and I've never seen his mounts represented. Back to lurking. -Charlie
  6. Yes, I think that I know the one you're talking about. But, is that the one with the noseart finger in flesh color? I'm pretty sure that it should be white. Charlie
  7. Greetings: The new 1/32 and 1/24 P-47 Thunderbolts coming out is great news for all of us who like to build really big. Between Hasagawa and Trumpeter, I figure someone's gotta get it right. I'm going to assume (or at least, really hope) that there will be Razorbacks coming out after the Bubbletops take off. Will there be any additional LSP decals issued? Once these kits are out, I'm planning on ordering what's available. I'd like to see Robert Johnson's HV-P "Lucky" (love the finger nose art) issued. I'd also purchase that Hub Zemke's Superbolt, UN-Z. And Francis Gabreski's earlier Razorback(s) would be of great interest to me. Oh, my aching MasterCard. Thanks. Charlie
  8. Jon Formon did a great build on that superbolt, didn't he? You know, what really grabbed me is the job he did on the wheel wells and landing gear. They're as real as it gets. Zemke's superbolt isn't necessarily the most colorful build that there is, but he was a great leader and a great pilot. I wish his markings were out there. Are there any 1/32 of Bob Johnson's Lucky? Another one I'd like to do in a big scale.
  9. Pleeeeeeeeze tell me that there are or will be markings for Hub Zemke's SuperBolt. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeze. (Not to be whiney or anything.)
  10. P-47 Thunderbolts from the 56th Fighter Group, all the way from the olive drab over gray P-47C to the RAF camo P-47Ds to the great color combos of the P-47M. Can't wait for the decals. -Charlie
  11. My all time favorite goes back to the Great War - Eddie Rickenbacker. He overcame great odds to become the top American ace in WWI. He was an "old man" at age 26, too old to fly combat, he didn't go to college, and he was an enlisted man cheauffering officers around. He got his twenty six kills in eight months, including a six week or so break because of a mastoid infection. It's a wonder that he came back from that one at all. And he even survived weeks in a raft in the South Pacific when his B-17 ditched while he was on an inspection tour. He was the measure of all American fighter pilots in WWII. Everybody wanted to be the first to break Captain Eddie's record of twenty six kills. -Charlie
  12. Well, since you asked... I'll tender my answer with the idea that I'm a modeler of average skill at best on a good day, and don't necessarily want to fiddle with too many things that just don't fit. I enjoy the build, not the excrutiating ordeal of the "true craftsman." Worst - The Revell 1/32 P-51B Mustang. Crummy model overall in terms of accuracy and fit. You'd need a pound of filler, a gallon of patience, and a good right arm to toss it into the trash. Most aggravating - (I'll make up my own category) - Revell 1/32 P-47 Thunderbolt. Fair fit, cockpit not even remotely resembling the real thing, landing gear about three stories too high, profile not so hot, and to do it right you have to buy a fair amount of aftermarket resin. But I do thank you, Jerry Rutman, for making those parts right. When, oh when will someone come out with an accurate, plastic large scale P-47? Favorite build - Airfiix 1/24 Mustang. Gigantic model, great for playing around with detailing. Empty wheel bays, but I did learn a lot of scratch-building skills there. Learned a bit about bare metal finishes as well. And, looking at this list, am I ever dating myself. I think I'll have to get into the new millenium by getting one or two of the abovementioned good big builds while my ageing eyes can still see and my fat fingers still don't tremble too much. -Charlie
  13. I have a real interest in history, so I don't just do aircraft. I have a couple of ships on the to-do list. 1/700 USS Wisconsin - Desert Storm fit 1/350 USS Jarvis DD-393. Actually, I have two of them. One is a Classic Warships that will be built as she was lost off Guadalcanal in August of 1942, and an Iron Shipwright to be built as she was in the late 1930s. I've really got to work on my modeling chops to do a good job on these resin kits. -Charlie
  14. Charlie


    Congratulations on your successful mating and procreation of the species!!! -Charlie P.S. I still like "Charles."
  15. Well, it's a real ambitious schedule. Let's see what really happens. I'll be interested in the reviews and accuracy of the kits. If they're as good as I'm hoping, I see a home for a couple of P-47s. -Charlie
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