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  1. This is the kind of model's that makes me want to quit! Beautiful job!!!!
  2. Did you have the ACL done? I have the same looking scar that you do.
  3. I got three Bf-110! This way I'll be able to do three AIMS Bf-110G conversions!
  4. I'm starting to build the 1/32 Tigercat and if I converted it into a F7F-4N (night fighter), would that be OK?
  5. Thank you! I was trying to figure out what to do on F7F nose gear on then you were there! I've placed my order!
  6. Thanks. I guess I'll I have to order two bottles more of MRP-014 (ANA-623)!!!!!
  7. I'm building a F7F-4N on the HPH. My question in did they have they Glossy Sea Blue over everything or did have a Sea Blue over a Light Gray color.
  8. I'm going to start on the JU-388 J. Thank you for all the steps so far. I'm really impressed with the cowling.
  9. I want to say that I got my Tigercat today and I heartily endorsed the review. Other than the landing gear, this is the best one released by HPH. I have eight kits by HPH, and they get better every time!!!! By the way Harold, if you wanted to come up with a F7F-3N conversion kit, that is something I'd order.
  10. Thanks airscale. I think I'll do the conversion. Beside-The HPH F7F-3 is screaming to be built!
  11. How about this? I build night fighters almost exclusively. I've built four HPH kits and haven seven in the stash! I like everything the make! So how about convert the HPH into a F7F-4N. It looks like all I have to do cut, makes a canopy for the radar operator. It looks like the HPH has everything else. I need you to tell me if the is good!
  12. Okay, I have a question. If I bought a HPH 1/32 F7F-3P and then bought a I.D, Models F7F-3N could I covert the HPH fighter to a night fighter? Is this to hard to tackle?
  13. I e-mail Mirek and he wrote back saying that they aren't going to produce any F7F-3N Tigercat.
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