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  1. I hope that they will release it at a sensible price both for the sake of my own bank balance and their level of sales. Meng have just released their 1/12 scale Ford GT40 Mk Ii and it’s priced at about £260 here in the UK. The 1/12 Trumpeter version can still be had for about £120 and the Magnifier version which is a rebox of the Trumpet kit but without any Ford branding, sells for a little over £60. At this early stage there doesn’t appear to be too much difference between the Meng and the Magnifier, so how many people are going to opt for the Meng at a price that d
  2. Hopefully they will have improved the Q.C. issues that plagued their 1/32 version.
  3. I wonder how this will compare with the 2015 Merit Fokker Dr.1 ?
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