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  1. Maketar Productions

    Model kit trading platform...

    well, i agree that its difficult to monetize it as it needs to be free for all users but that is not my main goal anyway. Secure trading is the main concern. Trading/buying/selling will not be trough the website itself as with ebay, so it would be more like here on forum, i place an add, someone likes what i am selling, correspondence and all trade details then go trough email and off-site... With this, the website doesn't have to have any special technical security but rather some "rating" system that will differentiate reliable and good members from those trying to trick someone.
  2. Maketar Productions

    Model kit trading platform...

    hi guys, Last few weeks i was thinking of selling out some of my stash, there's a lot of stuff in all scales and categories, armor, aircraft, ships... and so started thinking whats the best place to put everything on sale. eBay with listing/sale fees is not the best option, there are Facebook groups for sale/trade but also not so great, forums again a bit tricky as i would have to list stuff on like 3 different forums to stay withing their "far sale" rules... so i started thinking about something again, one place where you could publish your add with things you are selling in 2 minutes and so that it doesn't cost anything... I did something similar before but it was more like pass time experiment than a real deal, so thinking about it now again. There is one major thing i am not sure about: - how do you keep it "safe", that is how do you prevent frauds? Ok, PayPal is one way to make a payment for something you buy and then have enough time to file "non-receipt" claim... Obviously there is no fool proof system and there is always going to be someone unhappy at the end. On forums you have ads from members known to others so its more "reliable", on facebook you have a "real" name of the person who sold you something you are not happy with... but is that really like safe and worry-free? I have been tricked on eBay a couple of times and all that supposed to be with both seller and buyer protection guaranteed. So, as i already have a great and robust system for classifieds, i was wondering would that still be something you would guys use? And if not, why? When selling you would be able to limit "selling to" countries, payment method (outside of the website of course) and, choose categories, terms of trade, post duration and so on. you can upload photos and pretty much anything you can do on ebay... when buying, you would be able to search specific categories, countries, continent, shipping options, payment options... and of course contact the seller directly over contact form or email address in the ad post... to me, this sounds like something that could work, ONE place for everything scale model related, but maybe i am not seeing potential pitfalls. I would love to hear some opinions. Thanks, Alek
  3. Maketar Productions

    Forum upgrade and line spacing

    hi All, I remember having the similar issue with one of my forums in the past with line spacing, each time you hit enter it skips one line making a lot of post text's look odd, and of course affects scrolling muscles. Any way to sort this out? Cheers, Alek
  4. Maketar Productions

    The best F/A-18 in 32nd?

    Thanks guys, that was helpful! Seems like i will be getting both, Trump and Academy kit, just to be sure :-) And yes, paint masks for those soon! Cheers, Alek
  5. Maketar Productions

    The best F/A-18 in 32nd?

    Well thats it! I am into jets now... dear dear, sooo many kits to source now! Cheers, A.
  6. Maketar Productions

    The best F/A-18 in 32nd?

    Hi chaps, Keep seeing this one a lot lately in various scales so i thought that must be a sign i should get it and build it :-) As i am not jet expert by no means, i would appreciate any suggestion on AM stuff or version i should get. Lovely bird. Many thanks, Alek
  7. Maketar Productions

    Post Apocalyptic OV-10A Bronco

    Seen it on Facebook, "walking Dead" in its best! Awesome work man. Cheers, Alek
  8. Maketar Productions

    Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IXc

    one of the nicest spitfire builds that i've seen recently. love the spanish style! good work. alek
  9. Maketar Productions

    What about a poll asking which Mossie folks will buy?

    Both is always better than neither!? :-) Here we are waiting for a decent Mossie for years and now TWO! Cheers, Alek
  10. Maketar Productions

    Review: Superdetailing, Painting and Weathering

    Yes they do, you can see a full list of shops HERE @mozart, many thanks for your kind offer, i'll have it in mind! Cheers, Alek
  11. Maketar Productions

    Review: Superdetailing, Painting and Weathering

    Hi guys, I would like to add a few things, if I may ('I' in uppercase ;-) ) First, many thanks for fair and honest review! Now, as English is not my native i did my best to make it as understandable as clear as possible, far from perfect though. Guys from ADH were great and allowed me to comment and edit their layout and design, they seemed very keen to publish the book so i though they would do their own edit before printing it. I guess i should let someone edit the text before it went to ADH. In general, i am quite happy how it turned out and will try to iron out all the things on the next one. Now for the lathe, Unimat Metal Line is NOT the best and most accurate multi tool there is but is for sure quite handy. Apart from lathe you can easily configure machine for drilling, milling, sanding and lots of others tasks. Being a modular machine is a down point here as you need to 'calibrate' and align every module before you could use it to achieve decent results, time consuming but pays off! Magic sculpt is another amazing thing i've discovered years ago, you can do literally anything with it and its not expensive at all, i think 30 USD for 2kg was the price a couple of years ago, keep in mind that i used maybe 3rd of it so far and i used it alot. @mozart, i would recommend Proxxon small metal lathe PD250/E, after a lot of research i've found that this one is by far the best and quality made, you cant go wrong here. Roughly the same price as Unimat. With proxxon you get lathe only but its worth every penny. Cheer, Alek
  12. Maketar Productions

    Using brass for detail parts

    Excellent one Peter! I am a big fan of brass scratchbuilding and i am sure you dont mind me sharing this one from you HERE Thanks! Alek
  13. Maketar Productions

    Kinetic to release a Mirage IIIE in 1/32 2015

    Hope to see Mirage 2000 D/N one day as well! Was waiting for any mirage in 32 though :-) thanks, Alek
  14. Maketar Productions

    is there a safe way to mask Alclad?

    Hi all, Used Alclad quite many times with masks on, never had a single problem. Also, never ever sprayed any primers and bases for alclad except on some parts of the model to check seems and filler spots. Not just i used masks over Alclad but i did heavily masked it! Also, never thinned Alclad, just spray it at a bit higher pressure and allow enough time in between coats. Finished 'Jug' can be seen HERE Last project i used alclad and masks was my P-47D build Cheers, Alek
  15. Maketar Productions

    Classifieds for scale modelers

    Hi guys, Just a small update... K&T website is further fine tuned with options and cosmetic changes. http://www.kitsandthings.net/ Check it out! Cheers, Alek