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  1. Thanks I can´t post more pictures. But, basically is the same you can see in my Spitfire.
  2. Thanks to all, I´m very happy and grateful for your words I´m sorry, but can´t post more images, its a commission for the magazine. Anyway I want to start something that I can post without compromise, probably a Birdcage, or continue with a Fokker DVII, not sure yet Fokker´s engine is already done
  3. Last kit finished, Tamiya A6M5 Zero in 1/32 scale A complete article of this AWESOME kit can be found in the last issue of Aces High Magazine. Hope you like it
  4. Thanks, i'm really happy for your words
  5. Thanks to all for your kind words It´s very easy, just use a plain brush and your finger, it´s the same technic used in military vehicles. First make some test to choose the correct dilution and distance of application for the effect you want to paint: - More diluted: soft and "big" splashes. - Less diluted: hard edged and small splashes. - More distance: bigger and more spaced blotches. - Less distance: smaller and more concentrated splashes. The brush is important too, so take your time making tests and choose the one you like. Always painted with AK products or enamel paints as you can correct it during a long time.
  6. Thanks to all again Tim, you can buy it at http://aceshighmagazine.com/ , in te AK Interactive web and various online shops.
  7. Thanks guys, thanks for your kind words
  8. This is my latest finished build in this scale, sorry for posting only 3 images , but it is a commission for Aces High Magazine Nº2 where is published the complete building and painting process. Hope you like it Juan
  9. Thanks to all Thanks for the advice. When I looh for images of the crow bar I saw it in red, blue, metal, orange...and all of them were restored aircrafts. I choose red beacause it would "brake" all the green color around. I will correct it soon.
  10. Thanks to all, I´m glad you liked it. Of course, you can add it where you want. The Kagero book...what a nightmare...I wanted to paint all profiles Really a nice and a "must have" book. Thanks Maciej
  11. If you are agree, I will try to make it through my next kits, making more photos, more detailed and taking images step by step, trying to explain all with my limited engilsh . I'm now in the initial stages of building the Kai Phantom (will be another hard work of weathering, but different to the Spit); next will be the RNAS Pup (even more different )...and the next...the next will be really weathered ...multi blade...Irak...Afghanistan...I think the 3 kits will be nice subjects for a series of tutorials. I'm not sure if this is what you would like or you would prefer a exclusive thread. Kev, Richard, thanks
  12. Finished!!!! The final post is here: Finished Spitfire Thanks to all for your words along this thread
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