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  1. For me its journey too i love to play with every detail and sometimes try something new So for me its journey and sometime challenge too, but to be honest for me as begginer is challenge nearly everything
  2. Thanks for answer I'm still not sure if i put it on ceiling, but i really lack of space where to display big models. Thats the reason for ceiling
  3. Hello fellow modelers! Despite the fact, i'm still building my F-14 i'm already planning my next builds. I would like to create 2 models that i would hang on the ceiling to simulate fight..... A6M Zero and F4U Corsair (1/32). While looking for Corsair kit i found two from different companies... first from Tamiya (150 EUR) and second from Trumpeter (40 EUR), and i was really surprised with price diference.... My question is: is it really worth it to buy kit from tamiya for 150 EUR ? Is there big detail diference between these two kits ? P.S. If you had to buy these two planes (Corsair and Zero) what kits would you buy (company, or you can write down specific kit) ? Thanks !
  4. I surely will I want to start working on it again during summer and after Victory i want to try Le Soleil Royal
  5. Hey, i'm here on this forum for few months but never introduced myself My name is Tereza (you can call me Tery) adn im 22 years old I'm from Czech Republic. Im quite new in scale modeling, i think im modelling only for 2 years so im a newbie I accept any advices from you, because your work here is amazing ! i hope one day im going to have models like you ! Currently working on F-14B (1/32 Trumpeter) and HMS Victory (1/100 Heller) My next plans are F-18 Blue Angles (1/32 or 1/48), SBD Dauntless while divebombing and Stuka (1/24 or 1/32) Photo here It's from my floorball match Its my main hobby (im a goalie !) and im using scale modeling as relax from sport.
  6. I'm back after quite a long time.... You know some struggles in job and i was really busy. But still i made some progress :). After few weeks SMD LEDs arrived and i could test them. They are amazing.... extremly small, but has amazing light. (Photo below) and i started working on cockpit..... i drilled holes where display should be and put display decals on clear plastic that is the size of the hole.... (sadly i dont have photo from progress, but i will post when lightning is done !) Then i had to made DIY right pilot panel because i accidentaly lost it in sink drain..... (it was my first time working with plastic profiles, i bought so many types and sizes.... but i used 0,5mm x 0,5mm for buttons etc.) (Here is my DIY panel before primer and painting) (some photos from cockpit work) and some photos from finished cockpit work Now im going to work on undercarriage BONUS: photos when i somehow built whole fuselage only by tape to plan where to put cables and battery for LED lights It's so huge ! ive never had model of this size so its quite challenge !
  7. Hello! After few days i can finally post some progress! With this kit i tried some new things i bought from local shop.... I tried many brands of colors and primers and i think i can say i finaly settled with Mr. Color (Gunze). First thing i tried is Mr. Finishing Surfacer 1500 Black And some other new things i bought are colors for this kit, again from Mr. Color. Last thing i was excited to try is oil-based color Abteiling 502 Burnt Umber. Now for the kit itself..... I started with engines. I really enjoyed details of it and nice fit. I used black 1500 finishing surfacer and then Burn Iron Metalic (Mr.Color) Then i used very diluted Abteilung 502 burnt umber and used it for light weathering. This part should be painted with silver color, but i dont like Mr. Color one so i used Mr. color Stainless steel metallic After light weathering And nearly finished engines Sadly it will be hiden in fuselage but still i wanted to paint it Thats all i have, now i need to plan how to connect LEDs in wings, fuselage and cockpit And order them from local shop Thanks for reading and enjoy your evening!
  8. Wow! Amazing build by @Out2gtcha thanks for showing me thats lot of help ! -Terry
  9. Hello! So, i'm slowly finishing my 1/35 BR 86 locomotive and in the meantime i'm thinking about how to improve F-14. First idea is adding some LED lights in the wings and second idea was to put LED lights in to the cockpit to backlight displays. Maybe its too complicated for such a model but i would like to know your opinion on this Problem is how to acomplish this. On the photos below are cockpit parts with displays and i would try to cut away insides of those displays and instead of it use some resin or transparent film and which i would try to paint with black color and left some places to let light through. Or put decals on it which are black printed so i think green light will not be visible. (Photo below) Do you haev any other idea how to do it ? Or should i even do it ? Thanks and good luck with your kits ! -Terry
  10. Oh Im sorry!! i was using the button on the botton of answer box.... now when i post url to the post its working sorry ! my bad ! Its my first forum where im posting ! Thanks !
  11. Hi, sorry about this post if its not alowed. I tried to post photo to my topic of F-14B and im quite having problem with URL not working. How do you post photos to your topics ? Thanks !
  12. I can say at first look it seems amazing, nice detail on engine, cockpit, wings and landing gear When I found out how to post pictures here i will post some
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