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  1. thanks for running it again Kevin, count me in for a Kit, yet to be determined
  2. You can count me in as always, I will be able to find a few kits to donate. Shawn
  3. outstanding work, loved the WIP and the finished product is fantastic
  4. I've spent a lot of time on that forum, there are some real gems buried in there
  5. note the fuselage mounted venture at 3:23, wonder what that was for?
  6. nice work, that cowl system is slick too!
  7. Thanks gang, life just made it so I'm unable to build for basically the last year and into next year. I'll be back, better then ever and much happier.
  8. I wont be able to get back to building till next summer at some point.
  9. excellent work, I was thinking about doing exactly what you've done with the lines
  10. wish I could work on my 110, you're doing great work
  11. great work all around, the paint looks killer as well
  12. very creative, I love it
  13. nice! she was probably a tube motor so no Intercooler, not sure if you're gonna have the cowls open or not
  14. looks proper to me, the tail wheel will really define the right "squat"
  15. pluggin' right along
  16. looks great Oliver, heading toward the finish line!
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