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  1. I had the temerity to ask about my other Tomcat, and the lack of communication about my order. I was then berated by the rep who informed me that I ordered my kits on Sept. 2 of this year and that many other people had ordered before me, and they would send my kit once they got a restock. I then reminded him that my order date was Sept. 2, 2018. Not this year. Their attitude and customer service sucks big time.
  2. personally, I'll never use them again. Preordered 2 of the AMK Tomcats from them over a year ago, when they finally started shipping to everyone (from other vendors) I still had no email from them or my kits. Finally I get ONE kit in the mail last week. A month after Sprue Bros was shipping theirs. Still no answer about the other kit.
  3. after reading this, I was due for a routine physical Friday so I asked my doc about it. I wanted to get one but they had no vaccine at their office, said it's in short supply. So went to Publix, asked about it and the reply was "are you on the waiting list?". Turns out they have a 4 PAGE waiting list and the guy said they only get about 7-9 doses per shipment, and the list was getting longer faster than they can give the vaccine.
  4. I just picked up a Sufa kit for less than $100 shipped, so am in good shape now. thanks!
  5. thanks everyone, this helps a lot. David
  6. I'm sort of a noob when it comes to the F-16, but I have an itch to build a 2-seater USAF version. I know Academy makes a Sufa kit, but can I build an F-16B or D from this kit...not using the conformal fuel tanks and other Sufa parts? Been looking at reviews and can't confirm this is so. AFV Club makes a B but its sorta hard to find and expensive. if any F-16 experts who have this kit can chime in , I would appreciate it. Dave
  7. I got there Wednesday afternoon just as the vendor room opened. Talk about overwhelming, wow what a huge space. Got a few good, not great deals in the vendor room, met Radu at the SAM table, a great guy. The Zoukei-Mura group was a lot of fun, the "Old Man" and I had a fun conversation through his interpreter. I bought their new F-4J in 1/48. The Wingnut Wings boys were there and also fun to talk shop with, they had some good deals on their kits, I got a T-shirt from them. They had a couple of Lancasters there, both sprues and built-ups. Stunning. New Dr.1 looks good, I forget how tiny they are even in 1/32. The model display room was almost full when I left Thursday at 1pm, someone said they were ordering more tables as most were getting crowded with models and there was still 1 more day to go for entries to arrive. I think we could easily see a new record on number of entries. All in all it was a good show at a great facility, lighting was excellent and plenty of room in both vendor and display rooms to move around. Everyone seemed to be having a great time.
  8. I hope to be there, already have a convention hotel room booked. I'm having tennis elbow surgery in a few weeks and recovery time is 3-6 weeks so not sure how much stuff I'll be able to carry with my right arm. I'm not an IPMS member, am hoping I can just purchase a daily admission to the event. Will be there first two days unless I have to cancel. Dave
  9. I just purchased a resin set from Harold, will I receive a canopy and decals with it? thanks
  10. Squadron's "What's New" page shows the P-40F in stock.
  11. I'm getting a conversion set from Harold, so will need decals and canopy as well, please add me to the list.
  12. the A-8 is on sale at LuckyModel for $71.98. Slow shipping to US adds another $25 which brings it to about $98 shipped.
  13. the prebuilt 190 had working landing gear, you could raise or lower it. I haven't checked my kit to see if they kept this feature, or modified the molds/parts so that you had to choose gear up or gear down permanently.
  14. I hope I don't get flamed by my fellow LSP members for saying this, but you guys do realize that this Merit 190 did not start it's life as a kit, right? It was sold as a prebuilt and prepainted replica plane, much like the old 21st Century Toys/Ultimate Soldier brand of toy tanks and planes that were sold in Toys r Us about 10 years ago. Admiral Toys and BBI Toys also did some aircraft. Merit reissued some of the older 21st Century planes and tanks, Admiral and BBI got our of the business, 21st went bankrupt. The 190 prebuilt was briefly available here in the states, but was more available overseas. Merit and Hobbyboss are either the same company or closely related, so they decided to release the 190 as a kit, much like they did for their big 1/18 SBD Dauntless, for those who wanted to build and paint it themselves and add detail or convert as they wished. They were never designed or intended to be a full-blown, highly detailed kit like a WNW or a Tamiya. As for the price, I think I paid about $85 for mine from Squadron, during a sale and I had a 20% off coupon. You get a lot of plastic for the price, and due to the size it is impressive on display, but yes I agree, the fine detail is not there. It was never intended to be. The modeller has the option to build it as-is, and paint it the way they like, or they can superdetail and correct it like A-10LOADER is doing to his 1/18 F-14B in the "Works in Progress" forum. That is some excellent work and worth reading. So far they have only released the Fw190 and the SBD in kit form, it remains to be seen whether they do the same for the AV-8 Harrier in 1/18.
  15. I would be interested in a conversion set as well Harold. Hope it happens!
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