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  1. I just picked up a Sufa kit for less than $100 shipped, so am in good shape now. thanks!
  2. thanks everyone, this helps a lot. David
  3. I'm sort of a noob when it comes to the F-16, but I have an itch to build a 2-seater USAF version. I know Academy makes a Sufa kit, but can I build an F-16B or D from this kit...not using the conformal fuel tanks and other Sufa parts? Been looking at reviews and can't confirm this is so. AFV Club makes a B but its sorta hard to find and expensive. if any F-16 experts who have this kit can chime in , I would appreciate it. Dave
  4. I got there Wednesday afternoon just as the vendor room opened. Talk about overwhelming, wow what a huge space. Got a few good, not great deals in the vendor room, met Radu at the SAM table, a great guy. The Zoukei-Mura group was a lot of fun, the "Old Man" and I had a fun conversation through his interpreter. I bought their new F-4J in 1/48. The Wingnut Wings boys were there and also fun to talk shop with, they had some good deals on their kits, I got a T-shirt from them. They had a couple of Lancasters there, both sprues and built-ups. Stunning. New Dr.1 looks good, I forget how tiny they are even in 1/32. The model display room was almost full when I left Thursday at 1pm, someone said they were ordering more tables as most were getting crowded with models and there was still 1 more day to go for entries to arrive. I think we could easily see a new record on number of entries. All in all it was a good show at a great facility, lighting was excellent and plenty of room in both vendor and display rooms to move around. Everyone seemed to be having a great time.
  5. I hope to be there, already have a convention hotel room booked. I'm having tennis elbow surgery in a few weeks and recovery time is 3-6 weeks so not sure how much stuff I'll be able to carry with my right arm. I'm not an IPMS member, am hoping I can just purchase a daily admission to the event. Will be there first two days unless I have to cancel. Dave
  6. yes, the lacquer might "bite" into the plastic and stick. I read one website that recommended Mission Models Clear as a good clear coat. Again I would want to try on scrap before committing to a turntable lid or anything valuable. thanks gents!
  7. yeah maybe. I thought I had buffed all the polish off the piece. Now I wonder if it was TOO buffed, that the Future had nothing to grab onto. I will experiment with some scrap plexi I have at home before committing to use it on a turntable lid. It was a nightmare to try and wash that stuff off the candy dish top, I thought ammonia would cut through it easily.
  8. so I've used future/Pledge on canopies before, and airbrushed a coat of it as a clear gloss in prep for decals before. As a favor for a friend, I polished out a plastic candy display top other night, standard 600 grit to 800 to 1000 to 1200 to 1500 then Novus 3, 2 and 1. Looked pretty good, thought a coat of Future would really make it shine. I tried brushing it on with a 2 inch brush. It seemed to want to bead up and run off the piece without coating it evenly. I let the excess run off and drip onto a paper towel. Seeing rivulets of future in some spots, and seemingly none in other spots, I applied another coat. After a few minutes, I started seeing wavy white/frosty areas on the piece. I tried to wash it off with water but no luck, that made it worse. Finally after using a scotchbrite pad (which scratched it all to hell) and ammonia and windex, I got it all off and had to polish it again. What did I do wrong? I restore vintage turntables as another hobby and was thinking Future might be a good finish coat after polishing scratches out of the dustcovers. But not if this is the result. thanks!
  9. I just purchased a resin set from Harold, will I receive a canopy and decals with it? thanks
  10. Squadron's "What's New" page shows the P-40F in stock.
  11. so riddle me this, Batman....they have Wingnut Wings kits shown in their latest print catalog, yet when you go to the online store they're nowhere to be seen. You can't even find them by searching for the item number shown in the mail order catalog. what the heck? Also, (put on tinfoil hats please) I was looking for the Airfix 1/48 Gloster Meteor F8 shown in their catalog, so I go online and type in "AX09182" which is their stock number, hit ENTER, and for a SPLIT SECOND you can see the box art and description for the kit, but then it shows a "0 search results....sorry about that!" message and their standard big black box with site links at the bottom. I've noticed this disturbing habit of their website when you search for something, it shows it for an eyeblink but then states no results found. And yes, I tried it both in Firefox and Safari, same results. Very odd and both practices are not customer-friendly.
  12. I'm getting a conversion set from Harold, so will need decals and canopy as well, please add me to the list.
  13. I can sympathize, I have 3-4 (not sure anymore) compressed vertebra in my lower back, maybe L2, L3, etc. that was done when I fell down a hill around age 10 and landed on my tailbone. My back hurt like a SOB for 2-3 weeks but my parents didn't seem real concerned (thanks mom and dad!). Only in my 20s after years of pain did I seek care and discovered the damage in x-rays. I guess it happened during a growing period when I was young, and they set that way. Anytime I overdo any kind of work, or sit wrong, for too long, I have lots of pain. No sciatica thankfully. My current chiro guy says my upper back had to carry the load my lower back couldn't anymore so I have a weird curvature there, and a lot of arthritis between my shoulder blades. I've tried therapy, shots in lower back (temporary at best). I walk a lot and try to mind how I sit at the computer, and get up every half hour to an hour and walk. I always say if doctors perfect a spinal column transplant, I would be the first volunteer!!
  14. the A-8 is on sale at LuckyModel for $71.98. Slow shipping to US adds another $25 which brings it to about $98 shipped.
  15. the prebuilt 190 had working landing gear, you could raise or lower it. I haven't checked my kit to see if they kept this feature, or modified the molds/parts so that you had to choose gear up or gear down permanently.
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