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  1. I'd love for Tamiya to give is a B5N2 Kate with folding wing option. Brad
  2. Guys, I am working on the ICM I-16 Type 24 Rata, and I need to source some RS-82 rockets and launchers for my project. Does anyone know if a set of these exists as AM? TIA Brad
  3. Ok, great to know, thanks very much. I will shut the boiling water off now I appreciate your replies! Brad
  4. Guys, Having never built a model of this airplane, I have a question regarding the spine near the base of the fin. My kit appears to show a kink just ahead of the fin. When you look at the left fuselage half, it kinks inward a bit, where as the right fuselage half does not. Is this normal for the aircraft, or do I have a flaw/warpage of some kind? TIA Brad
  5. Looking forward to their P-51B/C for sure. I have a set of Zotz decals for this very project which I almost wasted on the Trumpy kit. Cheers, Brad
  6. Guys, Has anyone used the Aires cockpit for the Ki-84 Frank and can comment on the fit? TIA Brad
  7. Superb!! Well done Piero! The weathering on the underside is fantastic! Cheers, Brad
  8. You did a wonderful job. Congrats!! Brad
  9. The poor soul who started this thread is probably wishing he didn't. Brad-2 palms on his face.
  10. I guess one could always build the old Revell kit. Brad
  11. Thanks again guys. Again, it is the only real game in town for plastic until something else comes along... Cheers Brad
  12. Thanks Avenger. I want to do an early Mustang in the markings of Ding Hao! or Shangri-La. I have the Zotz decal sheet. I am not confident we'll see the HK Models P-51B/C, so Trumpeter is the only modern game in town in plastic. Thanks Brad
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