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If allowed I'd like to move the Gladiator over that I started last year - less than 25% (still working on cockpit) and she'll be silver:


Means I don't have to start anything new - but may be an impetus to finishing.


Is everyone OK with that?



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On 3/10/2024 at 8:44 PM, geedubelyer said:

The Zipper gets my vote. 

Can never have too many Starfighters ^_^

Can't argue with that! :thumbsup:


I'll get started on the build thread this weekend but don't expect too much progress as glaciers move faster than I make models :lol:

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6 hours ago, Phantom2 said:

Would a Devastator in pre-war colors qualify, lower part of the wings are stll silver?






Stefan :beer: 


Sure, but isn't the fuselage silver/natural metal too?



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