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1/18 Scale Blue Box F4U-1D Corsair Changed to a -1A Plus Some Improvements


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If this is not THE most researched, mulled over, complete build EVER, then I don't know what is! 


I don't know where to start on this Jay, but it's been one amazing ride from the very start. It's been fantastic to see you embrace new ways of doing things and this is the perfect showcase of just how far you've come with those skills in a (comparatively) short time.


I've enjoyed every single minute of it. Thank you for sharing it with us.


Now go back to enjoying it taking a well deserved pride of place in your collection :)



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On 8/11/2023 at 9:33 AM, JayW said:

I show here the culmination of approximately 4 1/2 years of on again off again work on what was a Blue Box Toy Corsair in 1/18 scale.  The build thread can be found here:



Here is a picture of it before I began the work:

convert it from a -1D into a -1A (VF-17 Jolly Rogers), greatly improve the realism in general, provide an openable engine compartment and engine accessories compartment, improve the cockpit and gear bays and landing gear.  Along the way many new skills were learned including aluminum skinning and 3D printing (plus learning the computer CAD program necessary for creating digital parts to print), and my first use of the airbrush.  Also, as has been the case with all my 1/18 projects, I made extensive use of original engineering drawings found at Aircorps Library, to help me scratch build parts.


The first year of the project was dedicated to the R-2800-8 radial engine that powered the Corsair.  Before installing it into the aircraft it looked like this:

It is scratch built 100%, and many parts were turned on a mini-lathe. 


For your inspection, first the buttoned up shots:


Photos are a bit amateur - sorry about that.  I will divide this up into two posts.  The next one will show some details, and shots with engine cowls removed.  That is where you will also find my acknowledgements to all the modelers who helped me out - there are many!



A most awesome build Jay!

May I post it on the website?


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A bit late to comment on this epic build since I’ve been occupied with other things lately, but this model is one of the best I’ve ever seen.  I could make all sorts of comments on the final product which is obviously superb, but what I’m most impressed about is your growth as a modeler, which I envy.  The design and creation of 3D parts, scratch building others, skinning with aluminum foil and a huge improvement in your painting and weathering skills, which is now second to none, shows how much you’ve learned recently in this Corsair journey.  The cool thing is that you are continuing to learn, as evidenced by your new P-51 project, so I commend you for doing so.  Who said that, “old dogs don’t like to learn new tricks”? ^_^





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11 hours ago, chuck540z3 said:

Who said that, “old dogs don’t like to learn new tricks”? ^_^


Well Chuck - you got the old dog correct!  I grew old on this very long project, but what better way to grow old?  This stuff is really fun.  Thank you for the fine complements, especially coming from one of the best modelers I have ever met, eh?    

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22 hours ago, Oldbaldguy said:

Ya know, this is the absolute definition of a group build.  I’d love to know how many other modelers and/or subject matter experts provided comment/input throughout the duration of this epic build.


Truth!  I got tons of help.  Yourself included.

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