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Pat Sparks BOMARC Build


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I'm pleased to report that I'm now in the home stretch with the BOMARC.




Once the glue dries, I'll have to test it for stability and see if it needs some more somewhere. As cool as it might be to have the thing articulate, I'd prefer that it was safely rigid and not going anywhere!


After that, I just need to decide if I feel like adding the cabling to the launch rail - probably should, as it's highly visible on the real thing.



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OK, there we have it, folks: one Cold War boom stick, to go.




I decided against doing the cabling for a variety of reasons, but mostly because I dint wanna.


As imposing as the finished result is, it's somewhat spoiled for me by the launch tower's dramatic list to starboard - something I ultimately couldn't fix (it's caused by the launch rail itself being bent, which I didn't catch until it was too late to fix).








So, mixed feelings about this one in the end. The final result is less than satisfactory, but I learned a lot along the way, and got to stretch my skills a bit. Hopefully my next 3D printing project will be more straightforward!


Before I sign off on this one, I'd like to once again thank Pat for his generosity in providing me with his files, and a ton of help and advice along the way. If nothing else, I can - for the moment at least - say that I've produced the finest example of the BOMARC missile ever seen in 1/32 scale. Until someone else builds one.





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Hi Kev,


Despite the 'bendies', I would say that your project was a complete success, particularly in respect to the knowledge you gained - well done and congratulations for producing an outstanding model of something very rarely seen in kit form.





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Thanks for your comments, fellas. I've had a few comments on Facebook encouraging me to address the lean in the launch tower, but it's not fixable, unfortunately. There are a number of factors contributing to the lean, including a sloppy pivot joint at the bottom, slightly warped 3D parts, and an imperfect join between the upper and lower vertical sections. I'd have to dismantle the whole thing and reprint new parts to fix it, and that's not going to happen!


That said, if the mood strikes, I might attempt some minor heat-related persuasion with a hair dryer, to see if I can improve the situation.



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