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Hasegawa Ki61-I --- Finished

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  • 3 weeks later...

Well, ready for priming or so I thought.





Since I went and started priming before I posted these photos, the landing light cover isn't masked. Fortunately, a little Isopropyl Alcohol worked great on what little primer I got on the clear part. Now to mask it and finish priming.


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More progress.


Black Primer on the underside.




Added paint to the underside of the ailerons.




Added all sorts of metallics plus the "Prop Color".




I'm not too sure about the propeller color but it is what MRP has mixed.


More to come, yellow on the propellers, green on the top side, red tail, white markings on the tail and around the fuselage and wings where the Hinomaru's are located, yellow leading edges. Lots of fun. :D


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