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Hasegawa Ki61-I --- Finished

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Thanks, Ayovan.


All the painting is done and cleared. There are some really tiny stencils that are decals that are next. And of course, while shooting the clear I realized I didn't use aluminum on the gun trough fillers on top of the fuselage. :doh:




Everything visible atm is painted using masks except a tiny bit of red on the kill markings. (100/0 brush)

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Dang, I missed this one.  A little late to the party, but this is looking great.  2 questions for you...


1. You printed/cut your own canopy masks.  How did you get the measurements exactly right?  I'm pretty good with my silhouette cutter and associated software, but I've not had the guts to try to print my own canopy masks.


2. What color are you using for the hinomaru?  I don't have a wide selection of reds in my inventory and they all look a little wonky on my Japanese models.

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Thanks, Chuck!


1. Canopy masks. This is the sliding part for this model. It's not perfect. Perhaps another iteration or perhaps a little better placement.




I use a combination of the pictured tools. The dial caliper I bought way back in the '70s when I was messing around with N-scale trains. The sewing measuring roll I commandeered from my wife or perhaps she gave it to me. :D I use the circle template laid next to the part to 'measure' radius'. The circle template is mm, so I convert to inches when I draw the circle. The protractor I just bought to see if it will help 'judge' angles better because not all canopies have right angles. 




So, I draw up a starting point for each piece. Then I cut it and try out all the pieces. On the ones that don't fit, I take measurements, make adjustments, and try it again. Some pieces may require a third or fourth version.


I've used AutoCAD since the '80s. I have a copy on a notebook computer, left over from when I was still doing some consulting work after I retired, but it's inconvenient to draw on it, then move the file to the desktop for cutting. So, I've been trying to use Silhouette Studio to draw things. One of the AutoCAD commands that I miss is the Offset command, particularly when making the adjustments. I've gotten to making a rectangle with dimensions that I want to move a point, place rectangle next to the point and use it as a reference for how far to move the point because we're talking thousandths.


2. I'm using MRP lacquer paints, so the Hinomarus are MRP 411 Hinomaru Aka Iro over white. (currently showing out of stock at SB.) I paint both yellow and red over white (usually MRP 099). Another thing to point out on this model, is that the tail is not painted with purely that red. On another model, at the recommendation of Ronnie Olsthoorn, the non-national markings are a little more orange red. So, the tail is a mix of 2/3 MRP 411 and 1/3 MRP 419 Ki Iro marking Yellow.






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I follow this with great interest.

I have a "What-if" planned based on the Tony.


With German markings,this can easely be mistaken for a German design...



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