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FW 190D9 'White 11' JG51. First WIP!!


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After being here for a while and asking numerous questions for advice and schemes, etc, I figured it would be best to start my first ever WIP on the internet! 

I am going to 'attempt' to build the FW 190D9 'White 11' from JG 51 at the end of the war, with all the engine panels open, and whatever other panels open that I can get away with.

Wish me luck!


So here is what I'm going to be working with: (Sorry, I don't know how to insert images into the post??)





I'm generally modelling every day, so there will be lots of progress, quite quickly on this build, I hope!

So, let's start.................


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Easy peasy... go to your Flickr page and click on the photo. In the lower right of the new window you will see four icons. Click on the arrow that points to the right, and copy the link that you see in the dialog box that pops up. Go to your new post window in LHS, click in the window like you would to enter text, paste the link, hit enter and your picture should show up... You don't need to use the "Insert image from URL" button at all.


FW190D Build 1


Fw190D Build



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I love Doras so this full meal deal with the engine is very intriguing!  From the looks of the purposeful and well-appointed work station, I have a feeling we are going to see some very excellent modeling!  Just a quick note... Jerry Crandall told me on a previous Dora build that the D-9's did not have the data stenciling of the landing gear legs. Not sure if this was universally true of ALL Doras but I thought I'd pass that along.

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49 minutes ago, Thunnus said:

Just a quick note... Jerry Crandall told me on a previous Dora build that the D-9's did not have the data stenciling of the landing gear legs.


That's odd, because I'm sure the set of EagleCals I used on my build back in the day actually came with them. My memory could be faulty, of course!



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Probably not as faulty as my memory!  I traced the comment and it was in reference to my D-13 build, not a D-9.  His exact quote was...




I hate to tell you this but the D-13 did not have any stenciling on the landing gear legs. The later sub types of the the Fw 190 series gradually did away with the gear leg stenciling.

     Cheers, Jerry



Which I guess I interpreted as the D-9 being a later sub type.

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Thanks so much for the encouragement, guys!

I spent all day sawing up resin and drilling out all the wire connections on the Firewall and Engine/Accessories.


Today's job is to prime all the resin and brass and start with some 'colour coats' on some parts.


The major assemblies and resin parts were all test fitted yesterday and it doesn't look like there will be any major fit problems (Which is unusual for Aires!).


So, on we go, more pictures later.

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aaaaw, how not to follow? :wub:


I was also tempted by the resin sets of the interiors, but the elegant lines of this plane made me desist from the idea of opening compartments and hatches. do you have good documentation, by the way? the book "aero detail 2" has several beautiful photos and drawings of the engine group and its compartment.


cheers, Paolo

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I'm sorry guy's, this build has stalled already, and I'm so pissed off as it really got my mojo right back up there!

I'd prepped all the resin and base coated everything, and in the whirlwind of really enjoying it, I discovered this morning that Aires had packed two LEFT HAND wheel bay's!!!

My god the air turned blue!!


So back in its box it went and back on to the shelf behind me until I can get hold of Hannants (Where I purchased the Aires detail set from in the first place) tomorrow to request they send me the replacement part asap.


So, in light of this, I've pulled me other project off the shelf to start today (And do another WIP), a Revell FW 190A with all the bells and whistles in Nowotny's Winter camo scheme.


Sorry, but rest assured I'll be back on with this Dora as soon as the replacement part arrives.


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