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A belated Happy Birthday to the P-51

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Hello all, i hope everyone is well


This is titled as a belated birthday wish as it was the P-51's 82nd birthday on the 26th October. 


This is my 1/32 Tamiya P-51D done as 'Glengary Guy' and this kit is just dream to build and after the tornado build....it was a great mojo rebuilder.


This aircraft was piloted by Capt. Glenn Martin Webb.
Glenn Martin Webb flew P-51D Mustang with the MC-Z lettering and was named 'Glengary Guy' using his name (Glenn), Gary (son), and Guy (son). The right side cowling read Jackie (Wife)
This is the info I have found so far as I thought maybe he was born in Gleengary or something haha!

(This is the info i found, but not 100% and would be very interested if others have some info) 


Paints were Tamiya and i was very impressed with the new lacquer paints in their range, the LP-11 (Silver) is tough as old boots and was a great base for the main colour and the chipping, the standard Tamiya paints were durable but could easily be chipped over the tougher lacquer paint.


Anyway, over to you :-) 

























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Outstanding  build.  Very well done and I love the weathering.


This has to be one of MY favorite P-51 Mustang  builds. 

She turned out really pretty.




HAPPY 82nd BIRTHDAY Mustang{s}.


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