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Greetings friends and colleagues, due to russia's invasion of Ukraine, our creativity and production has been temporarily suspended.
Also, for unclear reasons, my account Andriy Lemkitscom has been blocked. This is my new account https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100078835746984 and for now I will try to maintain the page through it.
Many thanks to everyone who offered me support, from the bottom of my heart.
Truth is on our side and with Faith in God and our Army we will fight.
Sincerely, Andriy Zimenko.
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6 minutes ago, blackbetty said:

Stay safe, Andriy, hope this horror ends soon .

will you still have your ebay account? i dont do facebook

Yes, of course, ebay will work, just turned off sales for now. Also, my site is available, reconfigured for a secure connection, so when this hell is over - welcome.


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It is truly heartbreaking what is happening to your country Andriy, I've had the BBC news channel on almost constantly since the invasion started, keep expecting an announcement to say it's all a very, very, bad dream, but tragically it isn't, it is without doubt the worst thing I've witnessed in my life.


I have no doubt also that Ukraine will come back stronger economically and culturally.


Take care, every decent human being on the planet is behind you,



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Posted (edited)
10 hours ago, LSP_Kevin said:

Such an unbearable situation, Andriy. Please let us know if there's anything we can do.



Thank you so much for your support. Thanks to all the Countries and People who support us. We have always believed in universal human values and now we are fighting for them. Believe in us...

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