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  1. the first details of the new project Lemkits at 1:32 in front of you. And soon the "beast" will come out of the shadows).
  2. http://lemkits.com/product/arado-e-377a-rheinmetall-borsig-starting-trolley-heavy-glide-bomb-limited-edition-resin-kit-pre-order/ https://www.ebay.com/itm/124320023874
  3. The pre-order Arado E377A ends and the model will become available on eBay. Salamandra and MiG-9 are not included in the package. When pre-ordering, two aviation technician figures will be added to the set. http://lemkits.com/…/arado-e-377a-rheinmetall-borsig-star…/…
  4. Lemkits 1:32 Arado E.377A with Rheinmetall-Borsig starting trolley( launching dolly) - Heavy glide bomb - Limited edition resin kit -pre-order http://lemkits.com/?post_type=product&p=1625&preview=true At the end of World War II, German aircraft designers realized that in the absence of resources only technological superiority in balance with the simplicity of the materials used could bring a tangible effect. As a result, projects began combining simple materials (wood, steel pipes, etc.) with super modern jet engines and sophisticated control and guidance systems One of t
  5. https://www.ebay.com/itm/124219040215 http://lemkits.com/product/1-32-su-9-k-1946-limited-edition-resin-kit/?fbclid=IwAR39-t2NPsACgdNLwZuuL4bOCYWOYLLtjbGpGziVbSCH4oxF9Q6ZNhiXFG8
  6. Lеmkits 1:32 Su-9 (1946) - the first castings
  7. https://www.ebay.com/itm/124165178613 http://lemkits.com/product/1-32-henschel-hs-293d-limited-edition-resin-kit/
  8. Greetings. As usual, we are doing some kind of small project between large aircraft models. So before the Su-9 there will be two modifications of the Hs-293, today it is C-1. http://lemkits.com/product/1-32-henschel-hs-293-c-1-limited-edition-resin-kit/ https://www.ebay.com/itm/124140374118 ------------------------------------------------------------------- I can not help but mention Take care of yourself and your loved ones.
  9. Greetings friends. Our new models are getting ready for production. As I reported earlier, one of them is the Su-9 (1946). Reading the posts of my colleagues, I understand that it is becoming increasingly difficult to continue to support production with a drop in interest in our hobby. I am well aware that the Su-9 will not be a bestseller)). But those people who receive and deliver it in their collections will have a really unique product. Many consider the Su-9 a copy of the Me-262, but the resemblance is really undeniable and the engines on the Su-9 were German. But if you look closely,
  10. Lemkits 1/32 Me P.1099A & 1/72 Messerschmitt Me P.1100/1 - on sale https://www.ebay.com/itm/114119685606… https://www.ebay.com/itm/124087505422… http://lemkits.com/…/1-72-messerschmitt-me-p-1100-pre-orde…/ http://lemkits.com/…/1-32-messerschmitt-me-p-1099a-pre-ord…/
  11. 1/72 Me P.1100 & 1:32 Me P.1099A - decals ready
  12. 1/32 Messerschmitt Me P.1099A - Update- Soon Tomorrow I’ll pick up decals from the printing house and already at the beginning of next week we will send the first packages to our pre-order buyers. Thank you so much for your trust. also our model Messerschmitt Р.1100 in 1/72 which also comes out next week became a training platform for manufacturing similar at 1:32
  13. 1/32 Messerschmitt Me P.1099A – Limited edition resin kit-first castings
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