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1:32nd scale Salmson 2-A2


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Hi all,
A few updates on the Salmson 2-A2 build.

The front end is coming together now.
The engine assembly is fitted with the painted access panels.
The three on the left side are being left off as the intention is to have a mechanic working on that area.
I've added the twin cross bracing wires to the front bay frame (0.08 mm mono-filament, 0.4 mm diameter blackened Brass tube and 'GasPatch' 1:48th scale turnbuckles (Type C).
I've also added the access panel metal support ring around the front of the engine support beams.
The 'GasPatch' replacement Vickers machine gun and the mounting recess in the panel have been slightly modified to fit.
Also the carburettor air intake pipe has been drilled out as it was moulded solid.


Now it's onto adding more detail such as wiring, terminal box, cables etc to the exposed structure, using photographs as a guide,





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This is coming along great Mike. Tonight I printed out your build pdf on the Fokker D2, as I have that kit in the stash. Which was, as it happened, next to the WNW Fokker EIV. Hhmmm........pulled both off the shelf, and checked the EIV cowling fit to the D2 fuselage, and it's do-able. The EIV kit has two cowlings, I have a Taurus U111 engine, so,  I see a D3 in my future. Thank you for the indirect push in this direction, and will post a build log. Will be a while though. Regards, Pete in RI

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Hi all,
I've been working on the areas of the model that will remain exposed.
The fixed in position access panels have been painted and fitted.
I've cut out the cable entry openings in the rear frame and removed pre-molded detail from the fuselage rear access panel area to allow for adding detail.
This included twin crossed bracing wires, electrical terminal box, a fuselage rib and electrical wire conduits and pipes.


Next is to add the electrical wires,





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Hi all,
The exposed fuselage side bay is finished as far as I can.
There are no drawings or photographs of the is area on a French Salmson 2-A2, apart from aircraft that are either being built or that have crashed.
Therefore there's no 'complete' French aircraft detail available.
However, there is a photograph of an American Salmson 2-A2 that does show this area complete.
Although the American aircraft were fitted with a Type 3-US generator, which was different from the French version, the detail in their bays look very similar.
Therefore I detailed the bay with electrical conduit and wires, tubes and what I assume were aircraft batteries (the observers wireless had its own battery).
The detail is a combination of scratch parts, 'ANYZ’ 0.5 mm silver braided line (AN011) and ‘MFH’ black 0.4 mm flexible tube (P-961).
Decals used were spares from previous model builds.
Out of necessity, the added detail may not be accurate, but at least is does represent that bay area.









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Hi all,
Just a quick update.
I forgot to fit the generator drive belt.
To represent the generator drive belt, I cut a strip of photo-etch 1.0 mm wide, then annealed it (softened over a flame).
It was then bent around a 1.8 mm diameter drill to form a semi-circle.
It was then brush painted with ‘Tamiya' Rubber Black (XF18).
Once dry it was secured in position around the forward shaft of the generator, with the two ends onto the round ‘pulley’ on the rear of the engine. 





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