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"Rocket science" - Fly's Bachem Ba-349 Natter

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Good stuff Dutik - your scientists have obviously been working overtime on this one! :)


I have the same kit (the box is now so flattened, that now looks like an A4 size envelope!). My chief reference material is this book:


Projekt Natter: Last of the Wonder Weapons, reviewed by Scott Van Aken


It will be made one day.







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Our scientists opted for alignment pins and smoothing of the joints with putty. We did so:




Fit is of a typical short-run kit, so there some putty had to be applied here and there along the wing and tail joints. One wing also needed a styrene strip to cover the gap. The tail is mixed media, with a resin part at the base. Superglue is a bit tricky if you have to carefully align a part, thats why I added the two pins here. Now it is drop-fit ;)



- dutik

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