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Aerocraft update January 2021

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Just a short update from Aerocraft Models.
Well firstly to all my loyal customers, and followers thank you for all the support through last year. I like many do hope that 2021 will be a better year for all of us in many ways, even though the start of 2021 already looks to bringing even new challenges.
Over the Christmas holiday period both my wife and I tested positive for Covid, I think I may have brought it from work as far back as the 18th of December. One way or another I have had to isolate from the 20th through to the 12th, boy it is a long time.......It gets really complicated as I did not have any of the major symptoms, but had headaches which I am still getting but not nearly as bad, and a strange dry mouth. My wife on the other hand lost her sense of taste and just generally did not feel well. The good news is neither of us were to badly affected, but just did not feel great, however we are well on the road to recovery now. 
All has not been bad though as I have been learning my 3D cad package and trialling new sets, and trying to get to grips with the 3D printer.
Although lots of frustration in many areas I have learnt a great deal and progress is being made.
I know and realise that many sets that I am working on and have promised for quite a while have not materialised as yet, but I can assure you many are being worked on and hope some will see the light of day fairly soon.
Currently there are 4 new brass sets at the brass casting company and all being well I hope to announce those in the next few weeks. All being well there will be some new resin sets in the not too distant future.
Currently there is new project under development, this is being designed with 3D software, the main components will then be developed into master patterns from 3D prints. It will be a multi-media kit, predominantly it will comprise of resin cast main parts and 3D printed detail parts, it will have brass undercarriage, decals and possibly some other component types.
This will be the first complete aircraft kit under the Aerocraft Models banner and it will be in 1/32 scale.
I promise that there will be items coming through that will hopefully interest many of you, in the three main scales, 72, 48 and 32, and I have a few more in 24, that may well happen.

Keep an eye out for new sets and news updates in the coming weeks.

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Sorry to hear about covid but I'm very, very glad you both didn't get it too seriously!  It's exciting to hear that you'll have a complete kit coming out before long, and I can't wait to hear what it is when you are ready to announce it.



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Hi, Alistair.


Very sorry to hear that you and your wife have both contracted this horrible virus. I wish both of you a speedy recovery. 


Looking forward to the forthcoming announcements. If they included a set of 1/32 B-25 legs, then I would be very happy indeed. 


Happy New Year. 



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