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Hi Max 


No wish to derail your great build thread , (please PM me to delete this post if you feel it is inappropriate ) but took some more pics of the Hawker....er ....not Fury as I thought in the Victoria the other day . Either way though you might appreciate them ...the bar staff gave me those "sad old bogger" looks ! 






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8 hours ago, mozart said:

Great looking model but not a Fury, twin seats so probably a Hart? 

Those are 603 Sqn markings iirc, as included in the old Airfix 1/72 Demon; but the aeroplane looks like a Hart trainer to me. Wonder if the Flying School your Fury belonged to had any of those on strength as well?

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11 minutes ago, Panzerwomble said:

The serial is a fake , belongs to an autogyro . 


Apparently in the late 80's it was full of RAF memorabilia so maybe a retirement pub for some ex RAF person ? 

It's a big model , probably a bit too big to be an RC , although a bit too huge as a static model. 

Curious ! 

Definitely needs investigation! :coolio::beer4:

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  • 3 weeks later...

What's the opposite word for "progress", is it unprogress? :wacko::hmmm:  I started applying the masks for the underwing serial numbers:






and applied the paint (MRP of course):




but when removing the masks some of the paint pulled away too, and the rest after a period of drying was rather "flaky":




so I've cut my losses and sanded the whole lot off:




The lower wings have now been sprayed with white then a yellow top coat ready for my second try!  :(  I don't really know why this peeling has happened, any thoughts chaps? 


And look what Caroline, my favourite post lady has just brought me:





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That's a bummer, Max! What paint did you use for the serials? I can see MRP bottles in the background, so if it was those, they shouldn't have been any trouble. Is it possible that the adhesive on the transfer sheet touched parts of the exposed surface to be painted, and contaminated it?


By the way, I'm jealous of your new Fury!



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It is indeed Mike, but all's well that ends well:






My default scale-black paint is RLM 66, which I've used here and is a matt finish but with the first flawed attempt I used NATO black (for some reason) which has a slightly satin finish.  I can't see why that would make any difference but good old RLM 66 has worked again!  She's starting to look rather pretty:






Just the fuselage "7" and the rudder serial number to do then I can get the top wing on permanently, what a relief that will be, and start rigging!

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