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Hi guys,


Slow progress but I modified the 3d printed exhausts to be able to add them after painting. Here's a view of the parts I used:




I also had a look at the canopies. The main canopy of the kit is really misshaped and really needs replacement. I do not know any aftermarket canopy for the Spitfire but, fortunately, I had a spare Hasegawa Mk.II one. The picture is showing it as well as the kit windshield. I sanded a blemish in the base of that front part.




And here is how the Hasegawa part is looking on the kit. I forgot I had already taken that picture:




I've finally chosen DW°K. So, I will have to scratchbuild the streamlined mirror.


I still have to add the oxygen tube supports and the interior will be ready for painting.

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Hi guys, 


Alas, no more progress as I've been terribly busy. Note this was somewhat positive. Indeed, I thought I had possibly made a mistake with the single flare launcher. So, I double checked and found additional information stating that the double flare launcher configuration indeed stopped in July 1940. Unfortunately, P9495 left the factory weeks before. Damn it! This means I must add a second flare launcher. I'm happy I found that info before having closed the kit! Another item to add but at least this will not be terribly difficult. The evolution of the rear fuselage configuration of Spitfire Mk. I is really a minefield...The Mk. II is far simpler. I'm really wondering how fitters found their way in such a cluttered area!

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I had a modelling session with three close friends on Friday evening. This is always a good time to progress while drinking good wines or beers!


I recreated the second flare launcher tube. Again I did not detail that too much as only the front face will be really visible.




Here is what will be visible.




Actually that tube will be far more visible than the rear one. So, I did not lost my time.


The tubes are sliding on shorter and thinner ones to be added when the rear fuselage will be painted. Otherwise painting the fuselage sides would be really complicated.


I also made most of the external mirror fairing but have yet to end it. This will be for the next days as I will not need a lot of time to end that.

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Hi again,


P9495 had a streamlined cover over the mirror. This is not a complicated part but getting it more or less right was more difficult than I anticipated. The part was always too long. I sanded the top end at least ten times but very cautiously as I was afraid getting finally a too short part! :doh:




Finally, I think it looks the part. Here it is dry fitted on the windshield part. :thumbsup:


I will have to add it definitely after painting as otherwise I won't be able to paint the short frame located under the cover (between the top of the armored section and the rear edge of the windshield).




Finally, I believe that the easier way to reproduce the mirror reflecting glass will be adding a small rectangle of bare metal at the very end of the painting process.


By the way, to recreate that part, the Wingleader book was invaluable as there are multiple pictures of such a cover whereas good pictures of that area are quite rare in other Spit books.


Next step will be the final small bits in the cockpit!





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