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On 12/25/2019 at 5:32 PM, TAG said:

Superlative in every way, best paint slinger in the west!  :bow:


Ha ha!  Thanks TAG! :punk:



On 12/25/2019 at 5:40 PM, Troy Molitor said:

Just an awesome build right down to the antenna connections on the fuselage spine and rudder and the attention to details on the wooden rudder camouflage patterns. Thanks for sharing this epic build with us John.  Love all the efforts put into this K 109.   Including you slaying the bass catches on the “off on vacation episodes”  over the summer fishing.  Lol.  


Well done!




I appreciate that Troy!  Especially after my extended break while I was doing my fishing thing in the summer/fall! :D



On 12/25/2019 at 8:33 PM, Anthony in NZ said:

I cant say anymore than whats already been said except, what a stunning model and a pleasure to watch come together.


One of the best 109's I have ever seen built


Cheers Anthony


Thanks Anthony... I appreciate the nice comments!



On 12/25/2019 at 11:15 PM, Tolga ULGUR said:

Excellent build. Very impressive.



Thanks Tolga!  I know you like Bf109's as much as I do! :coolio:



On 12/26/2019 at 2:24 AM, Wackyracer said:

So good. looks even better with some proper photos.


Thanks Wacky!  Yeah, getting some pics in natural light with the DSLR does capture some nuances that the pocket cam misses.



On 12/26/2019 at 1:19 PM, Antonio Argudo said:

yes,  now I can't complain! :D  great work man!






On 12/27/2019 at 6:15 AM, Lothar said:

That's a stunning build, all the hard work you've put in it did indeed pay off :bow:

Excellent paintwork and finish too.



Thanks Lothar!  



On 12/27/2019 at 8:33 AM, Kagemusha said:


It really is, photography is great also, thanks for sharing. 


Thank you so much!



On 12/27/2019 at 10:16 PM, LSP_Ray said:

Turned out beautiful!

Well done!



Thanks Ray!



On 12/27/2019 at 11:09 PM, Wolf Buddee said:

She’s a thing of beauty John. Very well done Sir!




Thanks Wolf!  Glad to have finally crossed the finish line on this one.  Hopefully, I can do the same with the Corsair soon!



On 12/28/2019 at 4:16 AM, Isar 30/07 said:

A beautiful Kurfürst!

The paintjob looks very realistic, i. e. the "late war style" faded camo!







Thank you!  I like to think that all of the weathering steps (pre-shading, pastel wash, post-shading, chipping, salt fading, etc) work together to achieve that worn and faded look.



10 hours ago, LSP_Kevin said:


Wow.. thanks Kevin!



32 minutes ago, chuck540z3 said:

That really turned out terrific John!  The weathering is perfect, which is hard to hit the sweet spot, but you did it very skillfully.





Thanks Chuck!  On to the next episode!

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On 12/30/2019 at 10:30 AM, Rod Bettencourt said:

That's a really good looking build!! Thanks for sharing.




Thank you Rod!



On 10/13/2020 at 1:37 AM, Pastor John said:

Hi John simple a masterpiece in every way imaginable, well done and thanks for using my decals. I want to build it my  self one day - dream on!

Thanks John! I appreciate the comments!  Like you, I really enjoy the late war Luftwaffe subjects and I was lucky to have access to you decals so that I could portray Weisse 8.  The decals that I didn't use were digitized into adhesive masks cut by the Portrait Silhouette cutter.



On 10/13/2020 at 4:57 AM, AceofClubs said:

Superb work! Bravo

Ciao Filippo

Thank you Filippo!



On 10/14/2020 at 4:39 PM, Reuben L. Hernandez said:

Beautiful and very inspirational!

Thanks alot Reuben!


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