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Ki-45 Toryu - Kai-Ko - 53rd Sentai, Matsudo AB, 1944 - DONE!

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Haha, that's exactly why I made it removable. I'd have broken it off for sure too!


Second round of sanding, along with filling of some of the peskiest sink marks. The ones on the upper wing were especially bad:









Next I took off the engine masking and sub-in nacelle parts, then glued on the previously painted ones w/the gear doors attached:







Just a tiny bit of Mr. surfacer to help blend the one side on each nacelle that was less than perfect.








Just a bit of blending of the gray on the joint between nacelle halves and between the halves and the firewall interior and I will be able to add the oil coolers, oil cooler flaps, and cowl pieces.



Till next time!


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Ok, cowls on, and um....................................round 17,586 of sanding, filling priming smoothing (mostly due to my own stupidity when cleaning up panel lines). But things are very smooth now, and Im nearly done scribing the panel lines, with only a slight sanding round to go after than then some replacement rivets and on to paint. 


















Hopefully I can complete the re-riveting tonight and will be able to proceed with my paint plan. Similar to but not identical to how I did my Rufe, but with MUCH less chipping. More to come!






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Thanks all. The green base I am going to use will hopefully make the grey turn to a bit of green tint.  The other greys Im working with dont really look like the pics I have, and staying close enough is good enough for me.


As to the gear....I dont think they make brass gear for the Ki-45, and honestly it doesn't need it. The OOB ZM gear have been designed structurally to glue up to the other parts of the MLG to make a VERY ridged structure.  I mean it is S O L I D.   The model is actually relatively light and really doesnt need them. 


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13 minutes ago, Yetty said:

Actually ,I can buy them,but I don't know the company called SAC.

I'll buy them and post the pictures here( can I ?)



No, thats OK.  If you can at ALL avoid it, dont ever  buy any SAC products  IMHO.  They are just cast copies of the OOB gear and are made of extremely soft pot metal that bends significantly easier than the plastic OOB gear. 


Aerocraft models is the product you want, they make only super strong AM gear out of brass that wont bend. But again, not necessary in the least with this kit, as the OOB gear is very (and I mean VERY) strong once glued in. 

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