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Panavia Tornado GR. Mk.1 RAF -Revell 1/32

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Thank you Stefan and Brian! :)


I started painting the cockpit parts in black.




Then I painted dk gull grey, then added some white and made another pass to break up the colour a bit.






After that I started painting details.




The seats needs some more colours and more details will be added as well as instrument decals.




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Cockpit done with test fitted seats.






Then I fit it into the fuselage halves.






For some reason I ended up with a small gap between the front panel and the coaming. Have to carefully sort that with plastic or putty.


According to the instructions, only the Desert storm version should have those "Danger do not pull handle" decals, and the decals sit in that part of the sheet, but Looking at pics I think it shows on everyone. It seems most logical to have them anyway.


I've also started working on the wings and the movable pylons. 




As it is now the pylons can sit in any direction, but on the 1/48 kit there's a mechanism to coordinate them.

I don't have the 1/48 kit, so I can't see how it's done, but I'm considering sorting it somehow.

Otherwise I might as well glue the wings and pylons in a fixed position.




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