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23 hours ago, kkarlsen said:

So they' are at it again...








Well, what if this is not a Le Rhone 9J but rather an Oberusel Ur.II? Then, please, please, pretty please, let this be a Fokker D.VIII! 


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17 hours ago, kkarlsen said:

The 32075 as being part of the 'Camel' family makes total sense. Or maybe we finally get this magnificent,  long overdue, aeroplane...




One can hope, right?


Cheers: Kent

You never know...it’s more likely to be something unusual rather than just another variant Camel...

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10 hours ago, 19squadron said:

DH5 is definitely possible, but I just have a feeling that if it's not a Nieuport, it might well be a 1/1/2 Strutter which was an important aircraft in the scheme of things.

1.5 Strutter was widely used during 1916/17. Still waiting to see what it is...:hmmm:if they did a Nieuport that would be an interesting move. 

 I would guess a Comic or Baby but I only guessed once right so far and that was a duellists pack. I’m hopping for a Comic or Hanriot but whatever comes out is fine. Same goes for CSM...

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