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  1. There are dozens and dozens on this Flickr photostream.
  2. That's what I mean - you guys are pretty safe on your bikes, it's the newbies like me who bear the brunt of the accident statistics. If an average biker is 40 times more likely to die than a car driver, then an experienced, skillful biker must be far less than that. Which means that newbie drivers must be even more statically likely to die than the 40 figure, probably up in the hundreds?! I might as well jump off a bridge. I'm doomed, doomed I tell you!!
  3. This is looking rather good. I know the kit gets a poor press, you can tell from the very cheap prices the kits available for, but is it that bad? Is there much AM out there for it? It's one cool looking aeroplane, the work on this one is very good indeed.
  4. Looking out of the window, it's cold, wet & windy. Nice warm car, or bike? Hmmmmm, tough one. Quick look at accident stats shows motorcyclists account for less than 1% of traffic, yet account for 19% of all road traffic accidents. I'd be Mr 19%. I'm sure you guys are perfectly safe, you're all skilled with years of experience, but I think I'd get my will decalled onto the back of my jacket. I did consider decaling it on the petrol tank, but then guessed it probably wouldn't survive the collision. It's short, anyway - "The wife gets everything". At that point, when she finds my stash it's a good job I'd already be dead.
  5. It's beautiful! I particularly like the swept wings for high speed - pure optimism.
  6. He couldn't care less. Wingnut Wings produce basically whatever he fancies building at home one rainy evening. He fancies a Lancaster in 1/32, and he's getting himself a Lancaster in 1/32. I get the feeling that if he wanted to build a 1/4 size scale model of a seagull, he'd just go ahead and get an injected plastic 1/4 scale model of a seagull produced. Then we'd have different breeds of seagulls, different colourings of seagulls, baby seagulls, boxed squabbles of seagulls, etc. They'd be the best 1/4 scale seagulls anywhere, as long as you didn't want an American, Italian, Austro-Hungarian or French seagull, because you can bet your bottom dollar Mr Jackson would like Anglo-German seagulls. But he'd ignore the most famous German seagull, despite consumers queueing around the world for one, because he's funny like that. But he'd produce a few obscure German seagulls, and multiple British seagulls, even though their all the same dull colour.
  7. Best bet is to glue the ailerons down, tie a bit of rope around the Gotha, get your speed up and tow it like a glider.
  8. You can't transport a fully built WNW Gotha on a bike, so what's the point?
  9. I prefer my transport with 4 doors, 4 wheels, multiple airbags, seatbelts, wipers, a steering wheel, various crumple zones, comfy adjustable seat with a backrest & lumber support, climate control, electric windows, fancy stereo, cup holders, phone charger & the ability to eat, drink or chat whilst I drive. Yes, I'm very, very boring. Proudly boring. I send myself to sleep sometimes, I'm so boring. People cross the road to avoid my boringness. Even the local vicar is careful to avoid me. The Jehovah's Witnesses knock on every single door, bar mine, incase they feel the need to end it all after being in conversation with my boring self. When I get cold-called, after a while they hang up on me. The Samaritans have asked me to stop calling, as they can no longer get staff who can stay awake long enough to listen to me. Cold callers only ever knock my door once, and then pay me so they can leave. I never get served in a pub, as the staff don't have the stamina to listen to one of my famous, jaunty, little six-hour little stories, which always end badly. Even my dog falls asleep in my presence, rather than having to bear my utter boringness. I make plastic model aeroplanes, for goodness sake. What more can I say?
  10. Just get the Hase kit and, if you don't like a particular aspect, you can guarantee that there will be some decent AM to replace it.
  11. Quality of the photos is terrible? Did he use a camera or a potato?
  12. "Ultra Pro Shape". Basically a block of resin that you carve. Remember, this was almost 20years ago.
  13. My KH kits looked amazing as well. Then I built them. They were no longer amazing.
  14. I agree, I build only pre-end WWII subjects, the subject being more important than the manufacturer - hence buying KH's not too bad Kingfisher & fairly bad P-39. I'll think very carefully before buying any other KH kits. If it's a bog standard subject, like a Spitfire, 109, 190, Mustang, etc, I'll pass. If it's something like a Beaufighter, Yak, Betty, Blenheim, Defiant, etc, I'd probably be tempted, warts and all. But if, say, Tamiya produce a WWII 1/32 kit, I'll buy it, no questions asked. I'll not touch any of their post-war subjects though, just not my thing. Wingnut Wings are almost the same, but their sheer volume of kits - as every one is one that interests me - means it's not financially viable, nor physically wise, to buy every single kit they offer, especially with the propensity for early/late, etc versions. So I'm more choosy. The build/collect thing is interesting. We all end up as accidental collectors to a degree, as our stash's expand faster than our build rate, but do people actually only buy kits to collect, with no expectation of actually building them?
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