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  1. A reminder of why I tend to avoid LSP these days. My mistake.
  2. Why are WNW doing Goering, of all people? A murdering war criminal, responsible for countless deaths, is that really what people want to model, paint & display? I don't get it?
  3. Radu, the free market is supposed to be a level playing field. Everybody has access to capital & information, so the best person wins. But in the case of WNW, they have practically unlimited access to capital. A poor selling kit or two or three will offer no problems for them, such are their financial resources. CSM may have invested, say $50k in tooling, design, test shots, etc. That might be their major project for the year, the one they will profit off. Now they learn WNW - the outstanding 1/32 WWI kit manufacturer, who have yet to make a "bad" kit - are making the same aeroplane in the same scale. WNW have access to retailers all over the world, they sell direct, they are well know, they have a huge customer base. CSM will, to some degree, be damaged by this. They'll either lose profits they thought they would make, or even make a loss. Look at Roden, who exited the WWI 1/32 market after WNW issued a few kits. Look at the fact that other manufacturers are generally avoiding 1/32 WWI aeroplane kits. They struggle to compete. WNW are like the Amazon of the 1/32 WWI aeroplane kit world.
  4. I agree, it's good for the customer. Less so for the unsuccessful companies. The worry is CSM might be one of those.
  5. For the consumer, no. But history is littered with companies gone bust, out-competed by the competition. Competition is good if everybody starts out in the same place, with the same access to finance, information, etc. That's where WNW are miles ahead of CSM. I'm not sure how much CSM have invested in their model, but I hope it's not going to land them with too much of a loss.
  6. ICM seem to be like Fly, squeezing the last bit of money out of their moulds. It's a good strategy.
  7. I'd guess it's leagues better than HpH's, which is a bit disappointing, to put it mildly.
  8. Patience. I'm confident that, given time, pretty much every request will be met at some point by WNW. They'll run out of subjects otherwise.
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