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  1. Finding it difficult to get too excited about this one. Only around 100 built, standard RAF camo, unspectacular & short career. Am I missing something here?
  2. Your book is very, very strange. WNW made 70 odd kits of some of the very finest 1/32 models on the planet in the space of 10 years, birthing a cottage industry of WWI 1/32 aviation as a result. ICM are not anywhere remotely near that, both in terms of quality & quantity, whilst Lukgraph kits are nice enough, but largely resin, not many of them, & damned expensive. Both decent, but I've never heard anybody claim they are more "special" than WNW. Is this a widely held belief? Don't overlook Roden's existing 1/32 WWI kits. They are older and cheaper than
  3. Filling a gap in the market the size of a flea's nads.
  4. I am strangely unenthused by the prospect of this kit, even though WWII is my favourite period. I don't know why, maybe it just has a touch of the HpH's about it. Looks great in the box, costs a small fortune and goes together like a 2 million piece jigsaw that's been mixed with another 2 million piece jigsaw and then dipped in bleach for 24 hours to remove all trace of any graphics. The multiple additional sets for additional money suggest the base level of detail will be somewhat limited, otherwise why bother? Will this end up as a classic HpH type kit, bought in smallish number, built in ve
  5. The only reason I ever order any kits from China is always, 100% the same - to save money. To do so, I swap speed for savings, because I'm a tight arsed git. And because, like pretty much 99% of this here forum, the kits will stand in the stash for a good few, um, years, as I, like everybody else, already have a healthy (or unhealthy, depending upon your spouse) stash that is already intimidating me and poking its tongue out, because it knows it's already too big for my rapidly aging self to ever deal with. In other, simper words, why rush to get a kit that you're not going to immediately buil
  6. Mine are on the way!! Then I remembered I took advantage of Lucky Models $8 shipping offer. At $39.99 and $8 shipping and a 15% discount (I had to order 3 to get the discount, like I needed an excuse....), the downside was that they're being delivered, literally, via a slow boat from China. Or Hong Kong, not sure. So it's travelling at around 15 knots, with 11,000 nautical miles to travel, I reckon it'll take almost exactly 31 days of sailing, just to get to Amsterdam. Of course, it'll probably stop to load & unload on the way, so that'll slow it down even more. Then once it h
  7. I agree, it's an absolute bargain and largely devoid of agendas, politics and made-up news. And the absence of adverts is a godsend!
  8. Good call! Loads of shops, claim the 20% VAT back, loads of space for stuff in the ride back home. They could fit thousands of Hercules models in the Hercules, as well as pretty much unlimited LSP's. They'd have to learn to speak Mancunian, of course, which flummoxes even native English speakers.
  9. Not in the UK. BBC are painfully impartial & facts based. And they don't make money, they are a public service funded by the public. All broadcast news must, by law, he accurate & balanced. I've looked at US news media a few times when I've been over there. I'd absolutely hate to see that sort of nonsense over here. I won't name names, but over here they are hunted by posh people with no chins called Nigel, on horses called Storm & Lightning. In the US, you absolutely pay to watch the "news" you want to hear, the way you want to hear it. It's fri
  10. Are they all in on the conspiracy? Do they meet up in secret at the BBC offices & set their "agenda"? Who is in charge? Does the PM know? Why do they agree to do it? Are there lizard people involved? David Icke knows about these things. The Queen is apparently very, very high up in the lizard people hierarchy. I bet 5G is involved somewhere as well. Good job we have people setting fire to 5G towers & abusing telecom staff, because they know that 5G causes the coronavirus. Luckily, I have a custom made tin foil hat, with three layers of special strength foil. Stops 5G signals entering t
  11. I'm outraged! 1/72? What is this, teenagers scale planes, or large scale planes with the occasional tiny scale planes? If I wanted to see tiny model aeroplanes, I'd just stand further away from the ones I've got.
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