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  1. Just found this, really a stunning build...I have already built one myself as a Royal Navy aircraft...wish this build had been around when I had done mine, wonderful technique and skill sets. Excellent workmanship. Peter
  2. Thanks All for taking the time to answer. Mike those are great photos, Thanks very much. Regards, Pete
  3. Hi All, Curious, as I'm looking at building Tamiyas P51D/K Mustang as a Korean war aircraft... From period photos, it looks as if the exterior finish could be paint or just really, really oxidized bare metal....could it have a been both? I also would assume that the wings would be puttied as well, and then painted as per WW2 specs. Most pictures show, pretty tired looking aircraft, which is fine with me, just trying to find out more information. Thanks for your time and patience, Pete
  4. Albatross W4 or a Beaufighter...yeah, that would be just fine.
  5. Cool, Thanks for posting those pictures...my stuff is the 1/32 FAA Corsair, Hansa and the little Cyber Hobby Me 109E4...which was OOB, and a wonderful little kit. The Dr. 1 and the 2 Russian aircraft were mine as well, as part of a display...just paint projects really, experimenting with chipping, hairspray and salt techniques. Thanks again, Pete
  6. Hi All, Wait?..What?..It's that time of year again, IPMS Vancouver is having their 48th Annual Fall Show...loads of excellent work, 2 rooms of vendors, make and take for the kids and door prizes..do We have door prizes!..what a great way to spend a Saturday ..inside...not a drop of West Coast liquid sunshine will come your way... http://www.ipmsvancouver.com/fall-show/ Always a fairly good selection of LSP's....Hope to see you there...
  7. Hi All, Just curious to know if there is a site with pictures from the entire show?...We've seen the links to the big reveals but I'm wondering what else is released? Thanks for your time and patience, Pete
  8. Thanks for taking the time to post pictures...looks like a lot of work, but I've seen your work, you can do this, and it will be brilliant.. Thanks again, Pete
  9. That's great!..well done and well deserved on the award..that's a tough crowd, so it must be pretty damn good. Good for you on seeing it through, I think We all have a couple of those on the shelf, I know I do. Best Regards, Peter
  10. Good score Mark..the Sea King is a brilliant, if possible please show some pics when you have it?...love to have one of these in Canadian markings. Cheers, Pete
  11. Maybe a Sea Fury?..as I was building my Fisher, I wondered what Tamiya could do with that subject....might be a pretty good seller...who knows, I'm sure it will be cool regardless...
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