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  1. I was thinking about this morning on the way into work...I think for me, the idea of how to pull off the all white finish and make it interesting is the challenge...give what could be a very dull and boring paint scheme some life.... haven't decided yet as I have way too many projects and one more won't help. Just my thoughts...not important. P
  2. Thank you all for taking the time, looks as if I will be adding to my library... Cheers, Pete
  3. Hi All, Wondering if there is a walk around out there, I've looked and can't find anything, but maybe I'm not using the right keyword?... I've got the 1/32 kit and would like to get a bit more of an idea of whats going on in the cockpits, etc. Thanks for your time and patience, Pete
  4. I always look forward to your work, outstanding craftsmanship..the treatment of the plywood is outstanding. Could you comment on how you achieved the base colour and tones, before the decals were applied? Thanks, brilliant stuff, Peter
  5. Hi All, Some thoughts on vinyl paint masks. When I transfer vinyl from the backer to a substrate at the signshop, I use a very low tack tape, I just call it paper tape, transfer tape is another name or application tape. While still on the backer, I will often throw it on top of a light table and create a registration mark, just so I have a reference line in which to measure from. A window works just as well, if there isn't a light table around. Once the vinyl has been located on the wing, and you've measured it at least six times ( I know, right?)..., tape d
  6. Morning all...I've been in the graphic design and sign industry for over 30 years..and have used vinyl plotters for at least 25 of them..they all work the same...not to worry, just remember to save the layout, in case there is an issue..save save save.. Regards, Peter
  7. Cool, always interested to find out what others are using. Cheers, Peter
  8. Just wondering about your photography setup, looks great and pin sharp. Thanks, Peter
  9. Just found this, really a stunning build...I have already built one myself as a Royal Navy aircraft...wish this build had been around when I had done mine, wonderful technique and skill sets. Excellent workmanship. Peter
  10. Thanks All for taking the time to answer. Mike those are great photos, Thanks very much. Regards, Pete
  11. Hi All, Curious, as I'm looking at building Tamiyas P51D/K Mustang as a Korean war aircraft... From period photos, it looks as if the exterior finish could be paint or just really, really oxidized bare metal....could it have a been both? I also would assume that the wings would be puttied as well, and then painted as per WW2 specs. Most pictures show, pretty tired looking aircraft, which is fine with me, just trying to find out more information. Thanks for your time and patience, Pete
  12. Thanks for taking the time to post pictures...looks like a lot of work, but I've seen your work, you can do this, and it will be brilliant.. Thanks again, Pete
  13. That's great!..well done and well deserved on the award..that's a tough crowd, so it must be pretty damn good. Good for you on seeing it through, I think We all have a couple of those on the shelf, I know I do. Best Regards, Peter
  14. Good score Mark..the Sea King is a brilliant, if possible please show some pics when you have it?...love to have one of these in Canadian markings. Cheers, Pete
  15. Maybe a Sea Fury?..as I was building my Fisher, I wondered what Tamiya could do with that subject....might be a pretty good seller...who knows, I'm sure it will be cool regardless...
  16. Hi All, Looking for pictures of the Sea Fury's bomb racks. I'm finishing up Fisher's Sea Fury and was hoping to add a bit more detail. Thanks for your time and patience, Pete
  17. I have the Avis....it's still under construction, as it has been for a few years now. I think as others may have mentioned, it's a Roden Dr. 1 with an extra sprue for the wings and struts The instructions are lacking in detail, so plenty of reference photos are required. I found photos of the TVAL aircraft which helped tremendously. Mine had loads of flash and many bits were broken when I received it and requires more dry fitting then normal, but that is only my opinion, however... it's such a great looking airplane I may get another, or wait till WNW does theirs.... Not an ea
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