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Airfix Mosquito Conversion to MK XVI


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I have been waiting for Airfix to come out with a bomber variant if their kit, but it hasn't happened so I figured I would go ahead and do it on my own. I haven't wanted to spend a fortune on a kit that I was going to be cutting major parts off and I just happen to find the answer on ebay. A seller had a kit that had been damaged in shipping and listed it with photos of the bags and the instruction manual with all the parts circled on the individual trees that were damaged, nothing looked really bad so I went ahead and bought it at a really good price. I had to laugh when I finally got to see the kit first hand, ironically the most damaged parts were the very front of the nacelles which were to be removed anyway !!! Good karma..

Last week I knocked out a pattern to form the 2-stage Merlin nacelles and the lower intake, also I made a pattern for a bomber nose, things are moving along pretty smoothly so far...




















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Making a little progress, filled in the side entrance door to the cockpit and cut in the new lower door. I have sanded in the new bomber nose and the door patch, I have cut in the nose windows and added the flanges for the windows to sit on. I'm pretty happy with the 2 stage nacelles, I still have make some new exhausts for them and add some more flanges to the lower intakes.


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Having produced some of my own parts (and not very well I might add), and adding that even producing sub par parts like I put out was strenuous, let along decent looking parts like Patrick has here, I can say with full confidence making your own parts is one thing, but producing them satisfactorily for even a few "masses" is a whole different ball game.  

Way too much work for me, and couldn't blame anyone for not wanting to do it. 

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Absolutely wonderful update Patrick!


Your workmanship is lovely and clean.  With such lovely engine nacelles you will need to fix that spinner shape as well.  I have made masters for Roy of a corrected and rivetted spinner and backplate as well as prop blades.  However I dont know when they will be available. However just making it pointier will make a big difference on its own.  Have a look at my WIP and you will see what I mean about the shape


Keep up the great work, I am really enjoying enjoying this


Cheers Anthony

Edited by Anthony in NZ
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3 hours ago, Kagemusha said:

Very impressive work, superb project - I'd really like to do something similar in 1/32... do you have a specific aircraft in mind regards markings?

Thank you for the compliment!!! Not sure what final aircraft I'll do, I have always kind of liked the recon mosquitos with invasion stripes, I like the 8th air force ones and the South African ones that flew out of Italy with the "Barber Stripes" on the tail.

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