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MiG-29A in Luftwaffe Service

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Trumpeter's MiG-29A is a great model to build, and I'm sure the C will be too. Unfortunately it suffers from some shape issues, and in this build I set out to correct them. It took a while.


Here is the build thread should you be interested: 



This is MiG-29G 29+04 in NATO colours, serving with "Erprobungsgeschwader MiG 29". I was drawn to the subject by the wonderful conflict of ideals it represents. The aircraft is a symbol of how the re-unification must have been in a way, wearing a cloak of Norm 90 J grey, but peeking out from underneath, the original radome colours, the green wheel hubs, and the uniquely Soviet shapes of the antennae. Some things can't be changed overnight.


Most of the work went into correcting the shape of the forward LERX, and the bulges above the engines as well as the spine.






The nose cone was slightly modified, as were the top and sides of the intakes.






A lot of effort went into capturing the feel of panels and fasteners, which appear to make up a lot of this fighter.






Some of the kit detail is superb as is.






Although the underside is well represented in the kit, the wheel wells, gear legs and weapons pylons benefitted from a bit of extra detail, as did the airbrake/dragchute housing.











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The exhausts are a hybrid of the HAD etched parts and the kit's outer shells.






The chaff/flare dispensers got some attention, particularly the fairings.




Cockpits are the focal point of many models, and this one is no exception!










The MiG-29 is an iconic fighter, with many unique design features. I have really enjoyed building this!









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Posted (edited)

Wow, that's one serious Mig....... and the weathering, simply perfect .

I love it, a master job..... :thumbsup:



Edited by Daniel Leduc

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Posted (edited)


This is the best 29 i have seen in this scale. the build is incredibly clean, you captured the look amazingly.

that being said i am dissapointed that the trumpy kit still needs a lot of very complicated modifications to look like this...

but it only makes your work more astounding

very well done Sean!


Edited by blackbetty

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What a lovely response! :)


Thanks reconspit, it was the Luftwaffe scheme that had me sold from the beginning.


Thank you Dan, I see the MiG bug has bitten you too!


Grazie Luca, and thanks Robert!


Nick, I knew you of all modellers would prefer more restraint with the panel lines. I'm afraid some stayed prominent because I think they get opened up a lot...


Karl, If anyone intimately knows about modelling a MiG-29 - it is you. Your comment is the highest praise I could imagine - recht herzlichen dank! 


Glad you enjoyed the WIP mongoose, sure took a while.


The Dude, I assume that's you in your profile pic? Looks like you know a thing or two about the Fulcrum, so thanks very much for the compliment.


Now I'm going to wait for Eduard to put all their research to use, and make us a MiG-21 in 1:32 scale :lol:






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it was a pleasant , and interesting WIP , and the final result is top notch ( one more time ) , great finish , full of details in any corners  ,I like the way you treated the panel fasteners ..... , I wonder if I would be bold  enough   to fix all the " misshapes " you pointed out ( especially  the LERX ) ,but in any case , this is an inspiring build ,a model of its kind :bow:


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