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Revell He 111P with HPH cutaway conversion.

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Im going to follow this with interest as i have the same HPH set and ive slowly picked up a few other bits for the project,

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Posted (edited)

Welcome back,


I have removed all the internal moulded detail of the fuselage as per the HPH instructions.  The injector pin marks will be filled, the wing concealment fitted and putties before it is all sanded:






The lower wing cutouts for the fuel cell appear to be suitable. My only concern is the inner face of the insert may extend to far inboard and impinge on the false fuselage wall I have to add to hide the wing area:






I have sanded the inner face of the resin almost as far as I dare. I will have to dry fit the wing conceal to see how I go:




The HPH instructions require careful reading in conjunction with the kit and the Eduard instructions. The HPH ones appear to jump around a little, with some sections of Eduard PE having been fitted prior to the resin installation of the HPH set. The bomb bay area is a case in point with the PE inserts in the lower openings fitted before the resin internals. 


I have attempted to thin the plastic to scale in the fuel cell openings in the upper wing. The internal is okay and surely a better scale thickness, however in doing so I have butchered the round openings:






I shall pause to consider but I believe the fix may be removal of the entire upper panel area and replacement with styrene sheet, drilled and scribed with the resin attached to the new skin.



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