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  1. Hope they will continue with new types and will submit again sold out models ...
  2. What I can contribute to this topic is the following: From: Fritz Trenkle Bordfunkgeräte - Vom Funkenseder zum Bordradar Serie: Die deutsche Luftfahrt, Band 7 Bernard & Graefe Verlag, Koblenz, 1986 Pages 102, 103: FuG 125 = „Hermine“ consists of receiver EBl 3 F with - remote operating unit FBG 2 - amplifier V 3 a - volume control - antenna from FuG 16 ZY Page 184: FuG 218 V1(for single seater) and V2 (for more seater) = „Neptun III V1“, „Neptun III V2“ Page 199: FuG 25a = „Erstling“ with photo, no dimensions Page 61: FuG 120 = „Bernhardine“ Not very helpful, but at least something.
  3. Bentley is selling a drawing with dimensions for £4,00. Have a look to https://www.albentley-drawings.com/drawings/equipment/gun-sights/revi-ez42/
  4. Great, I am interested in all parts in 1/32 and 1/18 scale.
  5. all the best, John, get well soon - recover with a good spirit Alfons
  6. This Do series would be wonderful
  7. Very nice kit but superior modelling, Jan. Some corrections to decals (I am sorry for to be late): Andehkurbel = Andrehkurbel Nur hier Betreten = Nur hier betreten Nicht Anfassen = Nicht anfassen Alfons
  8. I am very much interested in a B-4 conversion. Please let me know where to buy.
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