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  1. What is the explanation to the difference HA-1109/HA-1112, please?
  2. I am so happy to read: "There will be no more new resin kits from HpH except some large model projects like the Me-323 Gigant ...". I mean that HpH will finish the Me 323 and hopefully the Me 321 in 1/32nd scale - my dream for years.
  3. Indeed, an impressive work. Please continue and finish.
  4. Happy New Year are the images from November 3, 2019 available again? please
  5. Great ! Wonderfull !! Good idea to model this Mistel !!! Excellent work !!!! Produce these extra/conversion parts and sell'em :-) Alfons
  6. Kent, again a wonderfull work. Many years ago I have built a simpler one in bigger scale from Hasegawa and it is still flying ... Alfons
  7. Kent, your models and the diorama are wonderfull. So many details, excellent. I am very much interested in your "Portalkran". Do you have drawings with dimensions or any hint? Regards Alfons
  8. ... this is really modelling ... wonderfull and congratulations ...
  9. Great. Can't find Anlasswagen from "Zoukei Mura". is it Puchala or ...
  10. Hope they will continue with new types and will submit again sold out models ...
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