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  1. Congratulations - Great, I am happy to see that you have started reporting about spacecraft modelling here. I hope that we find some followers. There are very good kits from Red iron models - for example Regards, Alfons
  2. Congratulations, the best riveting I have ever seen
  3. Eric, congratulation, even the original doesn't look any better. Alfons
  4. YOU ARE RIGHT Kev, the HpH address was the wrong one, my mistake, but it worked and is working. I have preordered one kit. Alfons
  5. I am happy, very happy, to have all these wonderful conversions from AIMS. You can make modelling parts better yourself, if you want, but I say: Thank you Pastor John
  6. What I can send to you is no photo but an evaluation of Charles Metz (†), if it helps - see below. I like your build and report very much, for me it is a professional work of art. And I like the participation of so many. Fw 190 D detail references by Charles Metz Crandall and Tullis: 'Yellow 10: The Story of the Ultra-Rare Fw 190 D-13' (Eagle Files series, No. 2; Eagle Editions [USA], 1999; 88 pages; US$30) -- Fw 190 D-9 propeller hub (p. 69), radiator (p. 33), wing panel between wheelwells (p. 72); Fw 190 D-11 engine bay (p. 8); Fw 190 D-13 boarding step (p. 34),
  7. and about my typing error discuss = discussion
  8. Bronco made a DFS 230 in 1/35 scale - let's start a useless discuss about this model, too ...
  9. I am fan of 1/72 and 1/32 scale a/c models, but these 1/35 kits fit very well to military vehicles of the same scale - so, it's very good for me.
  10. I tried this: http://www.hphmodels.cz/hph/ and it works to all: healthy start into the New Year
  11. not bad ... No, all are more than wunderfull ! Congratulations !
  12. Alan, please, no criticism: in German it is called "Riedel-Anlasser" see http://mep1112.de/?page_id=33 for example. John, I like your building so much. Cheers Alfons
  13. I wish you and all a negative test result.
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