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Fokker Dr. I 'Skeletal'

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1 hour ago, kkarlsen said:


Tsk, tsk, I found it funny to display the work like this.

I'm actually doing five engines at one time, for a larger 'Flying Circus' project... :frantic:


Cheers: Kent

That makes more sense. I was thinking that was pretty creative "photoshop" work! Really good idea!

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Posted (edited)

Pushing it away for a long time I finally got around to get the metal parts done for this.  After trying different approaches, this is what I ended up with...




Cover, fuel tank, ammo boxes and cowling in unpainted aluminium.




After some trials and tests to find a way to achieve a decent metal surface, this is the procedure I ended up using:

First a layer of Tamiya flat aluminium, then a coat of future. Pattern made with a sharpie silver pen and finally everything has been

brought together with some AK True Metal Aluminium wax paint, applied very sparingly.




The fuel tank with the two filling caps and some 'scratched'  brackets for the mount.

It may sound complicated, but it isn't. It ended up being 'a walk in the park' .


Cheers: Kent

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