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fw190 A-8 Sweden 1945 (finishing straight in sight)


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So this is my next build on the bench




30.04.45 - FW 190 A-8 W.Nr 739 136 'White 15 + -' of II.(Sturm.)/J.G. 4


'White 15 + -' took off from Parchim, north-west of Berlin, piloted by another Estonian, Oblt. Anatol Rebane. This FW 190 was scrapped in Sweden in 1946. Anatol Rebane lived in the West after the war, and after leaving the United States in 2002, now lives in Estonia again.


Found Claes Sundin's profile on his website and fell in love with the late war appearance.




Then found several images of the plane which are perfect for an accurate build (hopefully)!




Hasegawa kit for the build






Eduard PE for the pit




And started on it, whilst the paint dries on the Kolibri







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Great late war subject that has photo documentation of both sides.  Should be a fun build!  Try shooting the Eduard IP with a flat coat to help reduce that texture.

Thanks John. Yes been using that trick on Eduard or for a while now. Think I showed it on the Malta Spit.


Thanks for all the interest makes the builds more interesting for me

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Eduard foot plates attached






Then sprayed RLM 66 and some of the pre-painted PE attached. The Eduard set asks for the sides and front to be removed from the pit then fold and replace with the PE framework. I figured it better to leave in place the add the best parts of the PE. Also the bottom front section is pretty much invisible once inside the fuselage.






And given a matt coat in preparation for some weathering with oils and washes



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