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1/48th Boeing B-52H Stratofortress


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It's been a while since I've done any work on the big BUFF but thought it deserved a stint back on the bench...


Since the last update and completion of the internal bulkheads, the next logical step has been to have a play with the landing gear bays. It took a lot of head-scratching to get the legs themselves correctly positioned and therefore the internal bay roof structure, and as is often the case with these types of builds, you sometimes have to sacrifice accuracy for structural integrity. Therefore the bays I've made are an approximation of the real thing but close enough for a cursory glance when it's placed on the model show table - especially when the big doors and legs are in place to hide the majority of my work! I had a good delve into the bays of the B-52 at Duxford for some much-needed reference as well as a few books, and armed with plenty of plastic card and Evergreen strip, I set about building up the basic interior structure.


The front bay:


32462256997_c04ff7df3f_z.jpgIMG_0865 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr


33528305398_99d0505bc3_z.jpgIMG_0862 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr


32462256617_60cea4e8a5_z.jpgIMG_0855 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr


And the rear bay:


32462258277_e7d4fe5fbf_z.jpgIMG_0863 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr


32462255757_2443e491f3_z.jpgIMG_0859 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr


32462256227_353fbc1221_z.jpgIMG_0856 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr


And both bays together:


32462254887_b6cc547140_z.jpgIMG_0861 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr


Still lots of further detailing to be done, but the basic structure is now there...


Until next time,



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Afternoon all,


I've given the wheel bays a squirt of grey this afternoon:


46534657095_3c65b5473d_z.jpgIMG_0869 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr


...and I've also made a start on the numerous vents and grills found dotted all over the fuselage:


47449860021_63e2a9d8cc_z.jpgIMG_0868 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr


Lots more vents. etc to drill out and make, but it's the fine details like this that bring an otherwise blank vacform to life.



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On 3/23/2019 at 10:54 PM, clarkis said:

Nice clean work! Did you make these vents? Please describe the process you used for that NACA port....

Clark Cone


Thank you, Clark. The port is made quite simply - it’s just a case of cutting the basic shape and then lining it with plastic card. I’ve got more to make so will endeavour to take some pictures of the process and post for my next update. 


On 3/24/2019 at 2:36 AM, Michael931080 said:

It’s really starting to take on its own life now Tom.  Pretty soon you’re going to be posting pictures of it sitting on the gear, and saying it really wasn’t all that bad after all! ;)


Ha! If only!


The next job is to get the bays finished off and the gear installed - not really looking forward to that to be honest but fortune favours the brave!

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This week I've been having a play with the main landing gear and working out how to get it installed correctly.


Sanger provide some fairly decent white metal as a starting point, and the bays I'd built earlier have been constructed to accommodate the legs and provide a mix of both reasonable accuracy and structural strength. 


The legs and their supporting struts are just taped together at this point for test fitting purposes, but as you can see they should look ok when fitted to the forward bays:


33637311698_be6b2ba0aa_z.jpgIMG_0879 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr


40548068863_c23b0340c7_z.jpgIMG_0880 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr


The rear bays:


40548068273_7f2730ba25_z.jpgIMG_0882 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr


Here you can see why it was so important to move the port side bays back so that the main undercarriage legs were directly opposite one another - the way Sanger has molded the bays would mean the left side legs were approx 15mm too far forward:


32571771387_88d89196c2_z.jpgIMG_0883 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr


The sit looks about right - with the main wheels added the model will of course sit higher:


46598566565_96c88bb3d2_z.jpgIMG_0877 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr


The camera angle in this picture distorts the shape of the fuselage, but this gives a good overall impression of the fit of the landing gear:


40548069433_1e9cf4deb1_z.jpgIMG_0878 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr


The main legs and struts are going to need some detail adding to them, but at least I know the Sanger parts are perfectly usable. And the bonus is they can be fitted once the fuselage is together so there's no risk in damaging them whilst filling/sanding. Phew!


Until next time,



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