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VFC-12 Ambush 06 - FINISHED!


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I still have not found the decal placement sheet, very frustrating. Never fails, if you don't need something, you always see it, but once you do need it, it vanishes! I guess that's one of Murphy's Laws....


After searching the internet the past several days, I think I have enough pics that I can place most of the decals. Plus I have the Daco publications Hornet book to help with some of the stencils. The rest I'll have a guess on their placement.


I have removed the masking from the nose and aft areas:




I added a wash to the main wheel wells, but they look like they could do with another application.


Up next will be start of applying decals.



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Never fails, if you don't need something, you always see it, but once you do need it, it vanishes!


It will be next to my ball joint splitter. Mind you, that will turn up now - I just bought a new one


Wonder if this works?:


<blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="dYoZcaE"><a href="//imgur.com/dYoZcaE"></a></blockquote><script async src="//s.imgur.com/min/embed.js" charset="utf-8"></script>


OK, it doesn't. There's a picture of the placement sheet here: 





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Thank you Gents!


@ Richard - Yep, that's a sure way to find something you've misplaced, go buy a new one!


@ Lenny - Thanks for the offer, but I've applied the decals I want to apply. 


I spent the day yesterday working on the build, mostly applying decals. I've got all the significant ones applied, and the few minor ones I didn't, I'm not going to get concerned over since they wouldn't be noticeable once the build is in the display case.




I sprayed a flat coat over the tails and wing tips.


Last night I worked on the landing gear and wheel well doors. I need to get them dirtied up and finish them up with a flat coat.


It's looking like I may make the GB deadline.


Thanks for looking in.


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The build has legs and a pair of tails!


I spent the evening installing the landing gear and wheel well doors. Additionally, I added the vertical stabilizers.




All that is left to do is install the flaps, wing tips, ejection seat, canopy and some miscellaneous antennas. The build is nearing completion.



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I'm calling this build complete, and I almost made to the finish line without breaking something! Last night as I was installing the belly tank, I broke the canopy extender off at it's base. I tried to glue it back, but due to small surface area where the break was, there wasn't enough of it to get a solid bond. Consequently, I broke it off again this evening attempting to install the canopy, so I re-attached it again but with a collar to provide strength.


There isn't any PE seatbelts as I bombed on them. I won't be trying those again, too much of a hassle IMO. I'd rather do resin seats already having seat belts.   


Overall, I'm happy with the build. I made numerous mistakes, but I learned somethings too. 






It is an interesting scheme, and it really stands out in the display case!


Thank you for looking in during the duration of my build.


I'm going to skip the next GB as there isn't anything I could find that piqued my interest.



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