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F-14B UPGRADE 1/32 Tomcat

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Hello !

I've started painting and fading the upper fuselage. I've found a very nice picture of a VF-103 Tomcat which has been great inspiration.

I',ve masking fluid stamped on the kit with a pad cut from packing foam: stamp a paterrn, spray a fine light marbling pattern, restamp, respray and so on. I did this on medium sized areas and on some panels separated by maskng tape. Panel defnition will be increased on next step with darkening filters. I also used a piece of packing fabrick very similar to Scoth Brite that i streched and used a a radom template. You'll maybe see on engine nacelles that my hair comb came back to action !









( Sorry for the following pics, I have both a new laptop and Light system in my studio, so I'm not that sure of my white balance and amount of blue )














Best Regars and best wishes to LSPer's for 2018 !


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Wow, that is just a remarkable paintjob! Thee subleties of variation are perfect. So the masking solution just rubs off after you've painted?

Yes, that's it. I work on rather small areas, stamp a bit of masking sol then mottle a transparent marbling then re-stamp some masking sol without removibg the preceeding spots and respray a mottling. And so on 3 or 4 timess then i rub the mask off. And sometimes give another go. The paint is very highly thinned and then transparent, so this way many shaded if grey build up.

Thank you for your kind words


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